Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Second Art Show...August 7th

I spent quite a bit of time yesterday getting all the photos from the second art show all re-sized and edited. I'm very slow at that kind of thing. But here they are. This was the August 7th art show...

This is Randy. He does a photography class at Legacy Commons.

I love the big smile on this young man's face!

I didn't meet this artist but their work is beautiful.

This is my friend, Mary. She's a fantastic artist.
Notice the brown cardboard box in the bottom corner...
she even painted a flower on that!

This guy's work was really good. He calls it shadow art.
He actually painted that Lakers logo! He told me it
was more difficult that painting the face.

Incredible black and white architectural photography by this man.

This young woman's work was very interesting. 
I really like the one second from the right.
In person you can see that it's done is small squares.

This is my friend, Jeanette's display.

This is my friend, Juanita's display.
She recently took a Bob Ross painting class...
the painting of the palm trees was what she did.

This young girl had such a cute display.

The father here is the artist.
Beautiful paintings!

I love the tee shirts here.

Another young artist with her mom.

And yet another budding artist!

These were all done by Dorothy from the painting group. 

HB had a hard time getting this photo because of the sun
coming in the window. 

Just a few scenes of the crowd or lack of crowd!

And finally here is my display.
My blue flowers in the background had to set on a chair 
so you can't see them very good.
Many of the items displayed are prints of originals.

It was a fun experience doing my first ever art shows. I would love to do more but I think having two so close together was not such a good idea. They asked for feedback about the show so I mentioned that. And I think they need to do a better job of promoting/advertising the show. But over all I think the shows were a success...and I learned a lot.