Monday, August 18, 2014

This and That...

I've been all over the place with what I've been doing so this is going to be a mish-mash of photos. After the second art show I took some art over to the salon where I have it for sale. The walls were pretty bare for a few days while I did the shows so I wanted to do a nice display...

Lots of color!...a few black and white drawings and a few prints. I like how it looks. HB always does a good job of hanging my art.

Also I've been playing with my gelli plate...that thing can be addictive! I get started and I can't quit. Here is a stack of them...

The other thing I've been doing is making books. For my art journal class, I did a couple of lessons on how to make simple books. They enjoyed it and it got me into making books again.

In class we did a simple pamphlet style book and also one that has ribbon tabs on the spine...I don't know what that type of book is called. For myself, I did two spiral bound books and one with ribbon tabs. The one with ribbon tabs was made using old file folders so it's tall. The small one in front is mostly plain printer paper with a few pages made from file folders. That one and will go in my purse for jotting down notes. The 6 x 6 book has scrapbook paper in it and I plan to use it as a small art journal.

HB bought this Cinch for me several Christmases ago but I never used it. I just kept thinking "I'll try it later" but later never got here until this weekend. I got it out, did a practice book and that was it. I love it and will be making many more spiral bound books. I just ordered more binding rings although I still have some that HB bought. It's easy to use and I think I can make just about any size book I want.

I know some of you don't like spiral bound books but I love them. I like that they open flat. When using one as a journal I really don't mind that I can't work all the way to that bound edge but I know it bothers some people. This year I'm sure people on my Christmas list will be getting a spiral bound book!

I have another project in the works but that will have to wait a bit longer. I don't have much to show yet except a little teaser...

Yes, I have HB cutting foam board again but not for prints this time. I'll share something about this project later this week.

Now get out there and have a fun day!!


  1. janet that is such a coincidence, my dh bought me a spiral comb machine to make spiral bound books too a few weeks back along with a labelmaker! but.... do you know of any web sites or any info on what to to make with the spiral bound books other than notebooks? I would love more info here or a demo or both??? I havent used mine either yet and dh is a little curious as to why I havent yet so more info might just get me started!

  2. I have a machine to but a smaller one which I rarely use. I should stop looking for notebooks and start making my own again. I love my gelli plate too. In fact I just got the round one but have not explored its uses yet. Playtime coming up soon.


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