Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Little Bit of Art...and Many Thanks

First let me say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who commented and emailed on my birthday. I truly appreciate every one of your messages. I've had so many that I'm way behind in answering them. It's been the same way IRL. Yesterday I had lunch with two friends from my journal class and I think that wraps up my super busy week. It has been non-stop all week long. Every day I had something to do and that meant no studio time. I'm missing that.

I did manage one journal page that I can share with you for a little bit of art...

Some of the newer people in the journal class asked for a simple, guided instruction for a journal page. I saw something similar to this on Pinterest and thought it would be perfect. I used crayons to color in some circles, then drew around them with a pen, added some black circles in-between, and then wrote over the rest of the page. To make it really simple I chose song lyrics...Beautiful by Christina Aguilera. The words don't apply to my life but it worked for this piece.

Sadly, most of the newer people didn't "get it" at all. They used coins and other circular objects to make "perfect" circles and completely missed the spontaneity of the page. I'll have to keep working on getting them to see that part of journaling.

This is the only other thing I have to share. It's a photo my daughter took at the Encore Art Show. She recently sent it over to me. 

This photo was taken outside, at night, on the patio of the Palmdale Playhouse so the lighting was terrible. This is me with the Mayor of Palmdale, James C. Ledford, who is serving his eleventh term in office. Mayor Ledford is very supportive of the arts and also of Legacy Commons. And he's a very nice man! He was there for the entire evening and talked with everyone. 


  1. Janet I love the circle page, simple but fun. I sometime use a circle template but I love the random look of yours better.

  2. What alot I've missed out on. Belated congratulation for your Birthday and the artshow and you selling your art. It's such a pleasure to read it all, and I really like the art piece you sold. I'm not at all surprised it sold that quick.
    I've just started a new class on how to master the watercolor pencils, and it's a struggle. I just hope it'll ease up as I learn.

  3. Oh, and I forgot to say about the boothies I made, just did them would not be the correct answer. I did make them up, but it took me a week to find the "perfect" shape.

  4. I had to laugh when I saw that some people were trying to make "perfect" circles, I suppose there is a time and place for that too. Love your page, it looks both colourful and relaxing to make.

  5. I love the circle page ... perfect or not (!!!). Great photo. Love your necklace.

  6. Lovely photo of you at the event -- and the circle page is wonderful! Yes, sometimes you can try to be perfect, but it is the imperfections of life that make it so creative!

  7. Sweet and simple journal page, sometimes basics are perfect. xox

  8. I like your journaling page, Janet. Looks like a very "accessible" design for someone getting into art journaling. I think the utter freedom and informality of art journaling is very hard for some people to accept. The "perfection" of so many art journal spreads out there--art journal pages that look like finished works of art--shows how prevalent that feeling is.


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