Monday, September 08, 2014

A New Bohemian Girl...#10

The studio didn't get as much cleaning as I planned! I got side-tracked (that never happens!) with a new of my Bohemian Girls. This is #10...

I think I got carried away with this one! She has a lot going on!

This is my favorite part of the drawing...
all the strands on the left side with beads in between.

I worked on her one evening and a bit the next morning. 
Once I get going they come together fairly fast.

I started calling these girls "Bohemian Girls" at the very beginning but now I'm not so sure that name fits. Any suggestions what I could call this series?? I'm terrible at thinking of titles and names for things. If you come up with a name/title for these girls that I like, and I decide to use it, I'll send you a print of any one of my girls from this series.


  1. I actually like the name Boho girls. Not quite bohemian but it has that flair that you express with your lines and whimsy. I think you already have it! And boho has that kind of whimsical airiness, too. I'd stick with the shortened version!

  2. Hi Janet, congrats on your art piece being accepted in the upcoming art show. I agree with Jeanie, I can't think of a better name for your series of girls other than what you've been using...go with Boho girls. I love that quote by Joseph Campbell in the post below this one.

  3. I agree that name is great and goes so well don't change a thing


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