Monday, September 01, 2014

Going With the Flow...

Here in the US today is a's Labor Day and the "official" end of summer. Unfortunately the weather doesn't know that around here! I hope wherever you are you're enjoying the day.

I've just been drawing. I did a bit of painting a couple of days ago but nothing is finished yet. So here's what I do have to share with you...

9"x 12"

 I'm never going for any particular thing when I draw these. I just make a line and start adding things to it. I started this drawing with a long "S" line right down the middle of the page. I'm sure you can see it if you look. Start at the tip of that "petal" at the top middle and follow the line of circles down. It connects to the center where another line of circles curves down towards the middle bottom. That was my starting point. This one wanted to be some kind of flower after I got started with it, hence the name Flora. I think I could draw these in my sleep! I never think too much when I'm dong them. I just let my pen go where it wants to go. Do you find that happening when you draw or paint?


  1. I love your doodles they are so organic so nice

  2. Marvelous, like a giant plant I want to have growing in my house. xox

  3. What a beautiful floral. I can get lost in drawing too. There is something so meditative about creating repeating patterns.


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