Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Big 71...

I don't live anywhere near this highway; it's the Chino Valley Highway... but it is significant to me today, the 264th day of the year. It represents my age as of 7:37 AM (Illinois time)...

This is the year I was born...seems ancient, doesn't it?? If you'd like to know about what the world was like 71 years ago, back in the Dark Ages, you can click here to read a little bit about it. No cell phones, no laptops...people actually had to talk to each other!!  The really good thing about my birth date is that it's also International Day of Peace.

This is me at 10 days old...

and this is me as of yesterday...

Big difference!!


  1. You were a LONG baby at 10 days old! Look at those Lady Legs! And you look just as cute today! Happiest birthday and new year!

  2. Happy Birthday. Didn't you know, 71 is the new 41.....hope the day was spectacular. xox

  3. Happy birthday, lovely lady! (You DID look pretty long for 10 days old!!)

  4. Happy Birthday darling lady!! I remembered before I read this post...I was going to pop over and say a big Happy Birthday and found this here!! Wishing you mountains of love and joy! No person represents PEACE better than you! What better day to be born my friend! Beautiful inside and out you are so precious to the world....never forget how special you are to so many of us!! Celebrate yourself today and always!!

    Big hugs

  5. Happy Birthday Janet! Beautiful as ever inside and out!
    LoVe You.

  6. Wishing you a WONDERFUL birthday Janet, you are lovely in BOTH photos! Enjoy your day!

  7. Anonymous7:14 AM

    Happy birthday Janet!
    I know it's been ages since I commented on your blog but here I am!
    I'm making a come back to the blogosphere and yours is the first blog I'm reading this morning!
    Hope your day is fabulous!

  8. Happy belated birthday Janet!!! I hope you had a great day!!! Still as cute as you were at 10 days old :)

  9. You own it girl! Then and now! xo

  10. Oh I missed it Happy Birthday Janet. Wishing you the most amazing year to come.


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