Thursday, October 09, 2014

A WIP and a Goof-Up...

It's now been over one year since I began teaching art journaling at Legacy Commons so I've been busy thinking of new ways to teach and new techniques, etc. I'm trying to come up with a schedule of what we will be doing each month and since I don't have a clue about stuff like that it's slow going.

But as I said in my last post, I've been keeping busy in the studio, too. I have this WIP...

I've got this far and can't seem to get to the next step. That piece of orangey paper on the right side makes me think of a flag on a golf course so now that's all I can see! HB turned it the other way and said it reminded him of Christmas ornaments hanging but the colors are all wrong for that. I'm not sure what to do with it but I'll think of something even it is to gesso over it and start again!

Even though I penciled in the words on this piece I still got them crooked!

The girl is one I did several years ago. I printed her out and used her again but now the words are at a weird angle. Maybe I can add some swirls or something to help make them look better. I hate when I spend time on something and then at the very last minute I mess it up.

I have a new painting I've been working on so I'll put that on tomorrow. I'll be spending the day with one of the women from my journal class. She has invited me over to a little art group she has started in her apartment complex. It should be fun...I'm looking forward to it.

I hope you're all doing lots of art and having fun, too.


  1. Sorry I didn't get around to comment on your last post. I see you are staying busy and making lots of art...good for you! I hope you and your friends had a great time making more art today. I'll be looking forward to seeing your new painting.

  2. Just keep at it, maybe try picking out parts of that painting you love and cover the rest with gesso or white paint and keep going. As for the words I just learned a new trick...write on a piece of tissue paper then adhere the tissue in the spot you choose on the painting with modge podge. That way you have more creative control! Good luck and happy creating!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Wow a year already? Time flies!!

    Your WIP looks like it's off to a great start. Put some stripes on that shape and you have candy corn. :)

    Your girls are often very country to me...must be the influence from your days in KS.

    Happy weekend Janet!

  4. It is always nice to visit your blog!
    You are so honest and one very creative artist!
    HAVE a good weekend = )

  5. I enjoy seeing art in progress as well as the finished piece. I would turn it once clockwise so the pink mountain is at the bottom.
    If you hadn't mentioned that you didn't like the writing I would have just thought the writing was arty - if I had thought about it at all!
    Your painting is lovely!
    And why shouldn't the word "laugh" look as if it was laughing?

  6. I get stumped too and sometimes just walking away from it or throwing a bunch of things on the table with it sets me going again. Who can tell... I just admire your productivity!

  7. Janet, your WIP, isn't it funny how different we all see sometimes? All I can see is a duck and it's beek and eye. Well, I'm sure you'll come up with something creative. As for your writing, if you'd not mentioned it, I wouldn't notice at all, but I can relate to messing up with things, it's so irritating.


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