Sunday, October 26, 2014

Doing a Little Bit of This and That...

This post is going to be a little of this and a little of that. A couple of weeks ago one of the women in my journal class, Lee Ann, asked me if I'd like to participate in her weekly get-together at her apartment complex. She has been teaching some of the women there about art journaling. I jumped at the chance!! Here is a pic of Lee Ann (top right) and some of her friends...

We had a fun time. In fact we ran over about an hour because we just kept talking. They had lots of questions for me...some I could answer and some I couldn't. I don't think there's anything more rewarding than getting together with other creative people and just spending time creating and talking.
On Thursdays I go to a knitting group at Legacy Commons. We have a good instructor, Denise, and she is getting me back into knitting. I'm still what I would classify as a beginner but I enjoy it. Here is a scarf I'm working on right now...

I'm using Lion Brand Color Waves in Purple Vista. The colors are richer than they are in the photo and not so blue...more purple. It's a simple scarf . I've had this yarn for several years so I thought I'd better start using it for something. Unless it gets really cold I seldom wear scarves but I guess it could be a gift for someone. I just like the meditative quality of sitting and's relaxing.

Do you ever go back through your art journals and re-do or add to a page that you thought was finished? I've been doing that lately. If you've been around here for a while you may remember this journal spread...

I had all the background done on this spread and it's been sitting like that for a couple of years. Finally I just added "create" on one page and "every day" on the other, dated it and called it good.

Just adding those words seemed to finish off this spread. I'm happy that I left it alone until I felt ready to add the final touches. I have a few more journal pages that I added to so I'll share those in my next post.

And last but not least...look at these gorgeous flowers my neighbor brought to me last week. They're my favorite color, too...

Aren't they beautiful?!!


  1. Why am I not surprised that the yarn is purple?!!! I find crochet and knitting very calming ... unless I'm in a hurry to finish something! It is fun to spend time with creative folks. I've been away from my crochet group for awhile now. They meet on Saturdays and I've had football games on those dates. Eventually the schedules will match. Hugs--

    1. PS ... are those glads?? Lovely!

  2. I've got to get back to the art table. A week of appointments and buckling down the outside for winter has taken me far off my game! I love your scarf! Such gorgeous colors!

  3. It's so much fun creating together with friends, your group sound much fun too. One get inspired from such things. Your scarf looks great, and your color is not surprising at all. LOL.
    It's not often I go back in my journals, and I can't remember to have changed or added to the pages, not sure though.
    Thr flowers are beautiful, stunning really, what kind neighbours.

  4. Nice pages, I remember those. The words make a nice addition.

    It's fun to get together with friends and share isn't it? So nice to be around other people who "get it"

    Love those Gladiolas. Those were my English Grandmothers favorites, esp. all the purple ones. Her name was Gladys.

  5. I wish I could join your group sounds like fun love your pages and your knitting

  6. Hi Janet, I'd love to get friends to art journal with me...I'd learn so much from them. They are lucky to have you :) love the knitting are so creative :) :)

  7. Absolutely gorgeous all the artwork, the scarf and the purple glads!! Peony's and glads are my favorite flowers and that is my favorite color glad. Love how you added the words and yes I have gone through books and added or just colored over the paintings!

    Hugs Giggles


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