Tuesday, October 28, 2014

More This and That...

Yesterday was my journal class and several of the women had requested doing something doll-like for their journals. So this is what I did...

It's actually done on a wood plaque from the Dollar Store but it could easily be done in a journal as they soon found out. I'm still challenged by the fact that many of them want "perfection" in their art. I've been trying for over a year to get them to let go and just play but some of them just can't do it. I was hoping this technique would loosen them up because it's that "messy" style of art. Next week I'll see if it worked!

They "ooh" and "ahh" over my journals but can't seem to understand that to get "that" look they have to be willing to just let things happen however they happen.

This journal spread is all magazine pages...even the black background. I did some of my fake writing in white all over the pages and then added  bright flowers. Nothing great, but I had fun with it. For some reason I love doing the fake writing. That's one area where I'm fairly neat (my handwriting) so maybe I like the messiness of it.

On this journal spread I had scraped off some different shades of brown paint, then much later tried out a stamp I made using red paint. It sat like that for quite some time and recently I added the red and brown circles and other dots and embellishments. It needs some words so they will come next. I've found that many of my journal spreads take a long time to finish. I put something down, then leave it until I feel inspired again.

And lastly, here's a background that I'm working on. Not sure where it's going yet but I have a couple of ideas. Most of the things I do like this go to the salon to be sold.

Today I'm doing laundry (one of my favorite chores) and trying to catch up on some classes I've taken. It's sunny and going into the high 70's today. I hope you have a great day!!


  1. Love the girl and messy is best! Maybe it will sink in one day.

  2. I like the last one best, with the birds on the wire. Betcha it will be bootiful when it's done.

  3. loving those journal pages, and letting go of the idea of perfection in your art, is hard, I know.....

  4. love your journal pages, and for me trying for that perfection often led to creative blocks and eventually giving up. Its a hard thing to let go of!

  5. Janet, when you do a piece like that first one, do you start with the figure or start with the background? I understand the quest for perfection -- it's a hard habit to break. But I agree, when you let go and let it be, the end product is so much more satisfying.

    And I love that brown page. Which surprises me -- it's not my palette. But I love it.

  6. Fun and beautiful colorful pages Janet! I hope your students will finally believe you about art not needing to be perfect. Oh the pressure we put on ourselves!


  7. A lot of people who are perfectionists have a hard time getting rid of that bug! I still struggle with it from time to time, but manage to shoo it away most times. I almost always find that the more relaxed, less precise, messy pieces I have done I like the best. I love your fake writing!

  8. It is certainly a hard concept and quite fearful for some people I find. Too many of us indoctrinated in the coloring in the lines mindset. It must be a pleasure when one or two break ranks and let fly. xox

  9. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Hi Janet...love the journal pages and the background...maybe a figure standing right where the vertical collage piece is? My hubby keeps telling me that "perfection is an illusion." :)

  10. Oh I love that background. My kind of colors indeed. Your She art type girl looks great. I think letting go is a process, They will get it at some point.

  11. Your art is always beautiful, no matter what you do , the end result is always beautiful and yours. I've had hard times to let loose as well, but I have found that trusting the process is very important. Even if I feel I mess up things, I know something will appear and make my piece complete. Mess often leads to a much better result in the end is my experience. Just ask them to trust their process.


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