Sunday, October 19, 2014

No Wind Means Only One Thing...

We are having the most beautiful weather right now...high's in the upper 70's and into the 50's at night with lots of sunshine and blue skies. I love it!! And most of all, there hasn't been very much wind. I used to make spray painted papers several years ago and always had fun doing them. My biggest problem was finding a time when the wind wasn't blowing.

Yesterday those cans of spray paint were calling my name...
there was barely even a breeze.

I set up a temporary work table with an old piece of wall board and a couple of saw horses HB had in the garage. Here are a few of my stencils drying in the sun after being used and abused! I've had these stencils for a long time and many of them were just paper to begin with...but after umpteen layers of paint they are just as sturdy as the plastic ones.

There were lots of papers drying on the patio table...
(don't look too close at all the dust!)

Here you can see my set-up and lots of drying papers. I even spray painted some newspaper. But mostly I used deli paper. I love the crisp black and white designs although I did do a few colors.

Just a note about Liquitex spray experience has been very negative. I love the colors but they don't work worth a darn. I cleaned the spray tips and even after that they still wouldn't spray without dribbling all over. And one can, which is almost completely full, won't spray at all even after repeatedly cleaning the spray tip. I'll stick to the cheaper spray paints I can buy at Lowe's or Home Depot. That's just my opinion. Mostly I ended up using the Liquitex cans as paper weights!!

Just look at all that great collage paper. And it only took me a few minutes to make a huge stack. I have enough to last me until another wind-free day! Today I think I'll work on something using a few of these.

Do you like to spray paint papers??
And then, do you actually use them?


  1. Janet, what a treasure to have all those papers handy. No I don't do much of this, don't know why. I'm not sure what you're doing to clean the tips of your spray borrles, but have you tried turning them upside down and spray out what's left in the " straw" inside the bottle. I do that each time I've used my varnish spray, and it never fails me.

  2. I love your sprayed papers... I always feel guilty using aresol sprays of any kind. In a pinch I have sprayed furniture... or wicker.. I do LOVE the sprayed papers.. I always worry about the wind and back lash no I don't spray papers!! Love that your stencils thicken up from the paint... others wise it would cost a fortune with all those stencils!! I can count on my hand how many stencils I have...

    Hugs Giggles

  3. these are absolutely gorgeous.... Wow! I usually make my own spray paints: just inks mixed with some water, or acrylics mixed with water. Don't really like using spray bottles, so don't have much experience with them ...

  4. YOu've made some gorgeou prints. Awful to hear about the Liquitex cans. Can you get them to replace them. Ive not gotten any since they are so pricey, but the colors look great.

  5. Very cool! A great idea! I do try to steer clear of aerosols but it might be worth a try. And thanks for the tip on Liquitex.

  6. Did a little spray painting myself last weekend. Wish I'd thought to do some deli papers - yours look great. Agreed about the cheap spray paint being better. I've also learned to avoid glossy spray paint because it stays tacky for such a long time and it ruins my stencils.

  7. Purrrrrty, Mz. Janet. You have lots of nice backgrounds and collage pieces now.

  8. Anonymous8:25 PM

    I love these painted papers. Your mixed media 6x6 collage pieces are wonderful! And your painting of the tree is outstanding!!! Looks like you have been very busy and productive the past few weeks....that's great! I need to make some painted papers and I think I'll try my hand at spraying on the deli papers.

  9. These are beautiful! I am stenciling canvas now.

  10. oh la la they are beautiful, I have never tried liquitex, and now wont


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