Saturday, October 18, 2014

Some New Mixed Media Pieces...

It was time to start making some new things to sell 
so here are a few that I've finished...

They are all 6" x 6"
and about 1.5" deep.

This is the kind of art I always enjoy doing...
just playing, layering, and seeing what appears to me.

I've been absent from Blogland again!
I simply have too many irons in the fire!
Am I gonna slow down??
I'm having too much fun!


  1. Nice new work Janet. I can appreciate juggling all those irons, me too. Enjoy each moment.😄

  2. Love your mixed media pieces. Go! Have fun!

  3. They're all beautiful, Janet, but my absolute favorite is the last one. Beautiful colors, beautiful lay out and wise words. Enjoy being busy!

  4. These are beautiful, Janet. I love the colors. You remind me it's time to get painting again!


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