Monday, May 26, 2014

I'm So Proud...

I haven't been here in almost a month. The time just gets away from me. But I want to share with you the work of one of the women in my journaling class. She had never done any art journaling before she came to class just a few months ago. She wanted to make a special book for her grand-daughter who is graduating from high school in just a few days.

This is the cover of her book....
she used one of the Canson mixed media books as her base.

 I love that she used dimensional items on the cover. There is a piece of lace ribbon that holds the cover wraps around that metal knob on the right of the picture.

 She used fabric paints on this page and it's very dimensional. The fireworks just seem to jump off the page when you see it in person. Her grand-daughter's birthday is near the Fourth of July.

 This "Marie Antoinette" spread is beautiful. She had never done faces. I loaned her Suzi Blu's book and that was all it took for her to get this amazing face. She used napkins on the left page.

 I love the hair on this spread. And you may notice that most of the pages have an inspirational quote on them.

This tree spread has tiny beads as the center of the flowers. The entire book is very dimensional. I love that she wasn't afraid to just jump in and try things.

I have some amazingly talented women and men in my journal class. They continually surprise me with what they do. I'll keep sharing their work when I can...because I sure haven't had much of my own to show!

Thursday, May 01, 2014

I'm Honored!

I'm a bit late getting this posted but for the month of May I have the honor of being the Artist of the Month on Mystele's website, Community Thrive. If you're a member you can see my interview here and if you're not a member it's free to join and there's always tons of good art, challenges, and lots of fun. It was a surprise to be asked to do this since I haven't been very active lately. My art production is sadly very low. I hope to change that soon.

So for now the only thing I have to share is a photo one of my friends took at last week's journaling class...

You can tell I'm having fun! I guess that's what it's all about. Keep smiling and laughing!!