Sunday, February 22, 2015

Glitz and Glam...It's the Oscars!!

I'm late...I'm late...for a very important date! Tonight it's the Oscars and I'm really not ready. I wasn't even sure if I was going or not this year. I thought maybe you were getting tired of this but then I started getting emails asking me if I was going to do it again this late or not, here I am.

The dress was, of course the most important part of getting ready. These were my choices...

This rosy red dress is beautiful and I like the mermaid shape at the bottom.

Then there's this lovely plum colored dress...that's my color.

And this dress reminded me of some of my doodles.

But in the end I chose this one because it's so unusual. I like the broken glass look of it. I don't think anyone else will be wearing this dress.

Shoes were another matter. I kept finding the same thing over and over but finally I narrowed it down to these...

I think these might have worked with the black dress or the red, or the plum.

These would also work with those same dresses.

But these are the ones I chose. I know they're a little "busy" with my dress but no one will see them because the dress is long and full...and I simply love them. I couldn't resist!!

I'm not wearing a lot of jewelry since the dress is so unique...and I ran out of shopping time! Plus the same goes for my hair. It needs to be something simple so the dress will be the focus.

For one brief second I thought about doing something really crazy with my hair...
but then I came back to my senses!

Then I went too far the other way.
This one might be too simple.

This one is just right.
Simple but still some pizzazz!

Now if you'll excuse me I have to take a bubble bath, get my makeup and hair done and get into that beautiful dress.
Oh, yes, about my date. Are you wondering who it will be this year? I had so many requests this year that it was difficult to narrow it down. Of course, Johnny called but I've gone with him so many times. And George is off the list since he just got married. I doubt if his new wife would understand him running off to the Oscars with me. 

I considered accepting an invitation from...Bradley Cooper but since he's up for an award it might be too crazy. And I don't think he'll win so it could be a depressing evening.

So instead this is my date for the Oscars this year...

Are you surprised that I chose Jimmy Fallon? I did it because I'll be assured of a good time and lots of fun and laughs. Plus he knows so many people that I'm sure to meet everyone while I'm there. And he seems like a nice guy so I doubt if HB will have anything to worry about!

So let the party begin! 
If you don't already know about my little tradition of "going" to the Oscars each year you can read about previous years hereherehereherehereherehere, and here. I've been doing this for several years now and it's always fun.


  1. It wouldn't be Oscar night without your post! Have fun this evening....:)

  2. Yay! Glad to see your Oscar night post. Well, I'd have picked the plum dress for you, with those black pumps. But what you picked is still gorgeous,.even though, I cringe at the thought of trying to walk in those sky high heels! I will watch the beginning of the show, as my favorite part is seeing the people arrive, and what they are wearing. I have only seen 1 of the nominated films, (The Grand Budapest Hotel) so will be totally lost on that front.
    I'd have chosen the funny guy over Bradley Cooper too. Probably for a different reason, I am not as taken with him as it seems everyone else is, although I hear he is a nice guy.. Now your dates from the past (George and Johnny) well they both make me swoon. Ha Ha

    Have fun, please don't turn an ankle.

  3. I think Jimmy Fallon would have been ever so much fun. How was your Oscar date? xox

  4. LOL Janet. Fun, fun. Now, I want to hear about your art show!! I am waiting..................... :)

  5. I was all for the first hot pink till I saw the Doodle Dress. Definitely perfect! Loved your choice, too~

    It's always a fun night, isn't it? I loved it!

  6. LoVe your choices for the Oscars. You could be a stylist to the stars. :-)

  7. Omg I would have picked Jimmy too...we love him in this house... He has changed late night and I love it!! Always a fun date!! Great clothes too...I was thinking about your yearling oscar posts on sunday and forgot to drop by...Good job...nice to see you up and running shoes for me, and the black dress... However love the bling on the bohemian sandals!!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. I did enjoy your description of getting ready for the Oscars, what a fun tradition.

  9. Janet, whenthe oscars were on I thought of you but then thought oh you haven't been blogging. Glad to see you came back for this. I am sure Jimmy was fun.


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