Friday, February 27, 2015

My Messy Studio...

My studio is a frenzy of work right now. I have paintings and canvases everywhere as you can see in this photo...

Please, don't look at the dirty floor!
My studio floor doesn't get cleaned very often...
there's too much stuff in the way!
Thank goodness it's painted concrete.

I'll be sharing some of the finished pieces in the next few weeks but for now it's all a WIP.
Next Thursday evening Legacy Commons will be having a reception to showcase the art of many of the people who come to the painting group. I will have three paintings on display. It should be a fun evening and I'll share photos later next week.


  1. Only 3 paintings? You could easily show a dozen, guess you need your own show! Looking forward to the pictures, have fun :)

  2. A messy studio is a happy studio!! Can't wait until you share!

  3. BIG paintings! They're wonderful! How can you choose from only three? I'll be looking forward to seeing photos of your choices!

  4. Looks like you're getting ready for something big! Looking forward to seeing your finished works!

  5. Oh I only wish my studio looked so messily organized as yours does.! It's easy to tell you are getting a lot done.


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