Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Sad Art Journal for 2015

I'm back from my "big night at the Oscars"...and also from a very long blog break. I didn't plan to be away so long. It just happened. So many things going on right now.

My art journals have suffered lately. I got a book ready so I could begin a fresh journal for 2015, and I did start it...I just didn't get very far. Somehow the first of the year begs me to start some huge project which I enter into wholeheartedly. But I soon lose interest. I admire artists who can commit to doing 365 of something. I doubt if I'll ever accomplish that!

This is the first page of my "new" journal.
I used an old spiral bound book I already had.
Just glued the pages together to make them stronger.
I plan to do more doodles on this page,
 plus add "2015" on the large black area.

This was the first week of January...
when I was really sick.

Second week and I was still sick.
It's difficult to write anything interesting
when you feel like crap!

There are two more spreads that are finished but I didn't take pics of them yet. This journal has so much more personal writing than any of my other art journals. For years I kept written journals but ever since I've been doing art journals I've left out the writing. I may try to put more of it in this year.

Sadly, after January I quit working in this journal! I'll keep trying to add to it throughout the year. It's a big book even with the pages glued together. 


  1. Wonderful journal pages...I am the same as you I am all over the place creatively so it's hard to stick to anything too long!! Who cares, we can do it how we want!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. My first (and current and only) art journal is now under way -- I wish I had you as a teacher! Mine, too, is a spiral book which I decided on so that I could tear out pages if I added too much bulk. So far, so good. I've been hesitant on writing in it though I probably will. I like the look of yours!

  3. Seems like everyone is there right now. Lots of projects in the works, not much to show for it. Nice black background on that spread. xox

  4. I do the same thing...make grand plans and then either don't follow through or only halfheartedly follow through. I decided recently that I don't have to worry so much about it as far as art goes. I just do what I feel like doing. It's nice to be off the hook! :)

    Happy Painting Janet! xo

  5. These are nice pages. Glad you are back working on it, even if not every day. I too, started one, then got sidetracked doing other things. But like yours, it's there when I get back to it. BTW, I LOVED your Oscar shoes, but...ahem...can I say I didnt care for the dress? LOL xoxo

  6. welcome back, I missed you and your art. Those pages are amazing and I am not saying that, they are, keep them up, I love the cover.

  7. So good to see you blogging again. Love the journal pages..

  8. Awesome pages. As always you inspire me. I do art journal as well but rarely post them. Perhaps I will.


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