Sunday, March 01, 2015

A Change of Pace...

Besides painting and doing art, I love to crochet and lately I've been learning to knit (again.) I go to a beginner knitting class at Legacy Commons and enjoy the interaction with other beginning knitters. The instructor, Denise, is very good and has a ton of patience.

In February our group began making baby hats to donate to the local hospital. Denise is a pediatric nurse and knows what is needed for donations. We made simple little hats...

These are the ones I made. They're mostly knitted but I also did a few crocheted hats at home. I actually made 13 hats but only managed to get a photo of 12. We put hearts on most of the hats for Valentine's Day. I think they turned out pretty darn cute.
Now I'm busy making dishcloths. I just love all the bright colors I found in Sugar 'n Cream cotton.

I also have purple, lime green, denim, and a variegated blue but they didn't make it into the basket.

Here are a few of my finished dishcloths.

I can usually get two dishcloths from each ball of yarn with a little left over.
I use the leftovers for stripes. 
Above you can see two purple dishcloths...
and one lime green dishcloth with a purple stripe.
It works out perfectly.

I have finished nine dishcloths so far. I'm trying different patterns and I love them! They're something useful and as long as I can make them in bright colors I don't mind doing dishes once in a while!!


  1. I don't knit much my mom did she made me dishcloths and in bright colors.its great therapy to sit there and make them I love yours yhose tiny hats are to sweet

  2. I only crochet, never learned to knit...kudos to you Janet for learning at this stage...the hats are adorable!! Love them!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Welcome back to the world of YARN! ;) I haven't been knitting much, but I do love to crochet (I think it's easier on the hands). Finishing an afghan (putting the squares together) and making a few ear warmers that I found out by accident made a good cowl, too! Amazing yarn colors these days.

  4. Janet, you are so generous with your time and I love the fabulous, uplifting colors! I need to finish a knitting project. This is a good reminder!

  5. Very sweet hats, Janet! I love those dishcloths. My grandmother's dishcloths are legendary in my family. Now that she has died, we all ration our usage so we won't ever run out!

  6. Little hats are lovely, especially with the addition of a little heart.
    I'm really taken with the dishcloths, so soothing to make and gorgeous colours to wash up with.


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