Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Art at the Salon...

Yesterday HB and I went over to the hair salon to refresh the art that I have hanging there. I took down some of the larger paintings a few weeks ago when I submitted paintings for the Legacy of Art show and the wall was looking pretty bare.

Here's how it looks now...

I try to have some smaller pieces down lower because that's the spot where you look when you're sitting in the chair. It gives people something to look at...and maybe they'll decide to buy one of my pieces!

Angel, the woman who cuts my hair, is in a beautiful studio style salon. Each individual who works there has their own private studio/room with a window and glass door that look out into the open area. In the photo below the window and door are to the back of the chair...the mirror is across from the window and door.

Everyone who walks by Angel's studio can see all the paintings hanging on the wall. Angel has a little notice in her window that says all the art is for sale. I've sold quite a few paintings here. It's a win/win situation. I get to display my art and sell it, and Angel gets her wall decorated every few months. I'm very grateful to her for this opportunity. Thank you, Angel!!!


  1. Those look great there!! I wish my stylist has some of your art hanging up!

  2. Such vibrant color! Her studio is beautiful! And congratulations to you on your gorgeous artwork.

  3. Beautiful display! Keep selling. Your work is just so very pretty!

  4. It's a beautiful arrangement, Janet. I like it by the mirror, too -- looks like a big long gallery that way!

  5. Great art and what a great place to hang it

  6. I like the layout/arrangement of the artwork. It's so colorful and cheerful looking for all to see.

  7. You have been back for awhile I see :) I'm thinking about getting going on my blog again soon.
    I love the little hats you knitted/crocheted....very cute! and for a great cause!
    Your art is looking wonderful...I hope you sell it all!!! The tree is great...I love trees!!!

  8. This is a great way to show and sell your work. LOVE it and you!


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