Friday, March 13, 2015

Keeping Busy...

Last week I didn't get as many baby hats made as I had wanted. I knit these all last weekend...

and then my left thumb started complaining! No more knitting until it felt better so I switched to crochet because I use my hands in a different way. I made these baby hats...

I don't have any decoration on the little blue hat. I was trying to think of something for a boy but haven't got any ideas yet. I'll think of something to add to it so it isn't so plain.

I've also been busy in the studio. I have one WIP to share with you today. I have several others but they aren't ready to be seen yet...even as WIPs.

I still have some work on her face plus I need to embellish the turquoise baubles a little more. But she's coming along. I used mostly some of my painted/stenciled papers. You know me...anything to avoid painting hair!!! 


  1. Well, she is just gorgeous worgeous! What about a little bluebird on the little blue hat? Janet, it is so sweet of you to make these baby hats. Hugs 2ya!

  2. Your lady is wonderful. While I like to knit, crochet is just easier on the hands ... in my not so humble opinion! Ha! Great hats! Happy Friday!

  3. loving your lady and her painted hair, and those hats are to cute

  4. Beautiful all the hats and art!! I think plain is good too... at least it tells the sex of the child making the parents proud... Such a loving spirit you are!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Gorgeous little hats and such a beautiful painting! I love the contrast of the gold against the blue of her hair.

  6. More cute hats! I love your lady in progress! I know what you mean about can be a nightmare. Have a productive artful week!!!!

  7. yours is the first blog I am checking out,
    love the little hats

  8. Janet,

    I love all these hats. Your lady is looking good.



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