Monday, March 02, 2015

Painting and a Bit of Spring...

Here are some of my paintings lined up in the living room...

I was trying to decide which ones to submit for the art show.

And here are three panels I'm prepping with book pages. 

I'm not sure where they're going or what they will be...
don't pay any attention to the red and yellow edges.
Earlier I started something that didn't turn out right.
Most likely later the edges will be painted black.

I hope these next photos don't make you mad at me!

This is our nectarine tree. It already has blossoms!
So do the almond trees in the front yard.

I know most of the country is suffering with a terrible winter
so don't hate me.
(These pics were taken on February 28th.)


  1. OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE those excited for you!! They are gorgeous and such a cohesive series too!! So colourful... Looks like Nature is bursting with colour!! Wow....Can't wait to see more!!.

    We have blossoms too!! Such a mild winter it's hard to believe how nice it's been!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Your paintings are looking good. When is your art show?

  3. These are awesome Janet. The colors are outstanding. You really do have an eye for color. I am sure you will probably sell all three you put in the show. It's hard to choose, isnt it. They are all so beautiful. Betcha HB is strutting around like a rooster, being married to an accomplished artist, hmmmmm? xo

  4. Your photos don't make me mad! Envious, maybe -- but in a good way. It's simply lovely!

  5. Yup, the view outside my window looks QUITE different from that!

  6. so does mine, wish I was there enjoying the sunshine, those pictures are great.


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