Monday, June 29, 2015

Art, Instagram, and Hashtags...

Another week has gone by and I didn't post. I can't seem to think of anything to write about, and since I haven't been doing much art that leaves a big, fat zero! I'm sure you don't want to hear about me cleaning the house or doing laundry and that seems to be all that's going on.

Here are a couple of simple collages I did recently...

This one is in my big altered book.
I used six different magazine pages/images to create her
plus markers and paint pens.

This one is done in my tall, skinny journal.
I only used three magazine pages/images to create her...
plus markers and paint pens.

And here is a WIP...
I drew this a few nights ago,
and then I began adding color using Crayola markers!
I have a long way to go to finish this one.

As I mentioned earlier, I'm dipping my toe into Instagram to see how I like it. Not sure yet. I miss the connections that are made through blogging. But blogging seems to be dying out. Instagram seems so impersonal. You look at something for a few seconds and then go on to something else. I guess that's how the world is going these days. Instant gratification! I don't think I'm very good at using hashtags either. Do they have classes in staying current??!!


  1. I'm not giving up on blogging. I like Instagram OK and I do like Pinterest a lot as far as looking at pretty stuff. It is a real time sucker full of inspiration.

  2. I will not give up on blogging. I blog for connection and platform. No others give me that; they're all too superficial. You don't have to blog on a regular schedule. Or just post one photo and call it good. There are a million ways to do it, just as there are a million blogs. All depends on your goals. But I hope you hang in there!

  3. Two more of your lovely models, you really make it look like an artform in itself, and your WIP is going to be gorgeous. All you touch seems to turn to "gold".
    I'm not into all this new stuff. I was late to start bloging, and I'm happy with that. I have made an account on pinterest though, but I'm not often there. The blog is where I turn when I have something to share or document. Good luck with your choices.

  4. I hope you don't give up on blogging entirely, I enjoy your blog so much. I haven't been posting much lately because of my mundane life, and not many people who read anyhow. I do understand the feeling though, that we always have to have something artful, and positive to talk about. I just can't get into Instagram. I don't understand the whole hashtag thing at all. Most times when I look at Instagram, yes there it is, a bunch of beautifully "filtrered" altered in some way, photos, that don't hold my interest for long at all. Maybe I am missing the point, I don't really know. I do like Pinterest, and yes it can be a time sucker for sure. I go in waves on that one.

  5. Hi Janet....I knew you were back but hadn't found the time to comment. I'm still trying to blog even though I never have that much to talk about....just post my art. Keep posting what you are doing, there are still some of us who check blogs and I really missed you when you were working on your art show pieces. I meant to say that you were very brave to commit to the art show and now that's it's over I bet you are happy you did. I really liked ALL the art you made for that....and all the pieces you have shown lately. Keep on arting(and blogging) your style!!!
    Glad you are back!!!
    Hugs, Mary


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