Thursday, July 30, 2015

Blank Faces...and More

Since I'm on this roll of sharing some of my older art, I thought I'd show a few of my early faces. For many years I thought I couldn't draw faces. I would draw women in long, flowing dresses but none of the women ever had a face. I just left it blank...

Lettuce Lady

Flower Petal Lady

I'm not sure where I first learned to draw a face, or learned that there was a "formula" to use to get things in the right place but I started drawing faces all the time. I have several small moleskine journals that are full of little faces. Today I'm sharing a few of them...

I've always liked curvy lines...and what else do you see?   Dots and circles! The theme continues!!

Here is a spread in a moleskine with eight faces...some I like, some not so much! More curvy lines except for that one on the top row, second from the right and the second from the left on the bottom row.  I'm not sure what I was thinking with that block head!!And I didn't finish any of their eyes. I usually put a little spot of white but for some reason I didn't.

Sad as she seems, this girl has always been one of my favorites. I'm not sure why but I like her so much. I purposely elongated everything in this drawing. I especially like her wilted flower!! I have days when I feel like this!!

This girl didn't get finished either. I colored her face and stopped. Again, here are those curvy lines but no dots or circles!! When I first began drawing faces I always made the eyes too big. I've gotten a little better with that but I have to keep reminding myself.

The lesson here, is don't give up. If you've never drawn a face, give it a try. The first one may not be as good as you'd like but don't give up!! Keep practicing. Heads are not usually round, they're more of an egg shape. Eyes go in the middle of the head, and then measure down halfway and that's the tip of the nose; halfway again and you have a place for the mouth. These are just some loose ideas to follow. Play around with drawing faces. It's fun...and can be addictive!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more faces!


  1. Wow, Janet, how many things have I left unfinished? A LOT!

  2. Hey girl! I've been missing, I know. Got caught up in some writing...I sort of get lost in words some times. You have been one busy lady. I scrolled and checked out all your stuff. Nice!!! I really like your new header. It's bright and colorful and welcoming. I liked the old one too as you know, but I kept waiting for that neon look to start blinking..on and off...on and off...and it never did. LOL Seeyalateralligator.

  3. Hey I love all those faces

  4. Great post and great message.

  5. Great faces- Love the elongated girl - I'm partial to those types myself!


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