Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Going Back in Time...

Caution - Photo Overload!!

As you may know if you've been reading my blog recently, I am in the process of decrapifying (I love that word...wish I could remember where I saw it) my house. My mother and my grandmothers were all "keepers" of things. Don't misunderstand...they were not hoarders but they kept things neatly tucked away someplace in the house. I'm about to share with you some of the things my mother kept...and they all relate to me.

I found an entire box of papers from my early school years which means they are from the early '50s! Here are a few of the things I found...

These are just some of the school papers.
Notice the cheap quality of the paper!
It's very delicate...but then it's OLD!

 I found several packets of papers pinned together with a straight pin! Didn't they have staplers back in the dark ages?? I think the teacher pinned these together and not my mother. By the way, my first and second grade teacher was Miss Nellie Dale Grissom. I still remember her. She taught us to write cursive in the first grade because she said no one used printing! She would have a fit if she could she things now that they're trying to do away with handwriting in the schools.

As you can see, I was always good at spelling...
maybe not so much anymore!

It wasn't math back then...it was arithmetic.
These must have been those story problems...
which I hated.

There were also lots and lots of drawings in the box. I love this one! It's supposed to be a little brown mouse but it looks more like a cat to me. At the bottom it says: This merry little mouse liked to dance. She danced all day long singing, "why rub and scrub all day in the house? It's better to dance like a little brown mouse." My sentiments exactly except I'd say it's better to do art all day!

I'm assuming this is a frog looking up at a bug.

I actually remember drawing this!
I still like to draw flowers shaped like this.

I sure wasn't very good at profiles!

We must have been studying something about these birds.
They sure weren't in my everyday environment!

Now this is a bird I might have seen.

I have liked purple as long as I can remember.

This lady is all dressed up...and having a little drink. The bottle on the table is Mogen David! I remember hearing that name and I thought it was something special.

I found that I have apparently liked to draw (and paint) trees most of my life because I found numerous drawings of trees in the box. The themes seemed to be mostly trees, houses, and flowers. I only branched out into other subjects as I got a little older. It was fun going through all these old papers. Now I have to decide what to do with them. Should I toss them out or keep them...and if I keep them, do you have any ideas about how to store them? I have a pretty big stack of these drawings and school papers. If you have any suggestions I would appreciate hearing them. I thought about maybe trying to make a book out of them. 

Now I'm off to see what other things I can discover hidden away in boxes!! Wish me luck!!


  1. Oh, boy! Treasures and memories! And sneezes! ;) ;)

    1. Oh, yes...lots of sneezes. These papers are OLD!

  2. What a wonderful find. I loved finding things like that when going through my mother's stuff several years ago!

    1. I wish I had kept more of my own kid's stuff!

  3. Precious memories Janet. A book sounds interesting. Looks like you were talented even then. xo

    1. I'm thinking some kind of book, too but this paper is so old and delicate.

  4. How wonderful that your mother kept all this, wish mine had done that too. A book of some sort sounds great. Plastic pockets? Adding some small comments of things you remember from back then. Maybe paint some small pieces connected to what you remember or how you saw things. Old buttons, paint a favorite piece of clothing you had, well the list is endless. Most important though is to have fun.

    1. Wow...thanks for all the suggestions. You've got me thinking.

  5. I love, love, love this post, Janet. So fun to see your earlier work! You realize, don't you, that if Picasso had saved his childhood drawing (or his mom had) they would be in every biography written about him! I have mostly papers from my youth, less art I think and more writing. I need to sort through it all. How you inspire me -- and how delightful to see your early art and the traits you've carried through (high color, fun subjects ) and your improvement!

    1. Thank goodness I did improve!

    2. Thank goodness I did improve!

  6. Some treasure there, you want to hang on to a few. xox

  7. loved reading this post. also the suggestion of the plastic pages, the ones with the notebook holes. i put all of my grandmothers poetry in those and then in a notebook. Can't wait to see what else you find.
    A very FUN post.

  8. Hi Janet...those papers must have been a pleasant find for you. I think Laila was on to a good idea for keeping them protected. I was surprised that a first grade teacher would have taught cursive writing. That was back in the "good ole days" when you didn't have some official overlord telling you what you had to teach :)
    My parents moved several times and I'm sure that my mom got rid of things each time they moved.
    Keep digging you may find some more treasures!

  9. I wish my mother had kept things from my school days what a bunch of treasures you were very smart I see from the marks

  10. Yep my mom and I were the same as you. Keeping treasure from childhood. I have binders of special cards I've received over the years...they will be fun to revisit and possibly re-purpose into some art...I've heard organizers say to take photos of everything and then get rid of it...or make shadow boxes of the important things and put them on display. I have no idea what to do either! I think you might want to ask you daughter. However if it's on your blog now that can be the legacy too! Great post wonderful artwork for a young girl...don't you think!!!

    Hugs Giggles

  11. Anonymous11:04 AM

    I would say to scan everything first so you have a digital copy. Then, maybe keep your favorites and frame them or put them in protective sleeves in a binder. No matter the quality of paper, it will deteriorate over time so I don't think binding them as is would be the best idea.



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