Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Happy Buyers...Happy Seller

Yesterday was a good day. The people who bought paintings at my art show reception came to pick them up. The rest of the paintings will remain until late September but I didn't want the buyers to have to wait that long to get their paintings.

The first painting that sold was Faded Memories and here is the buyer with me and the painting...

I'm not sure why I'm making such a funny face but at least the painting looks good.

The buyer was nice enough to send me a photo of the painting hanging in their home...

It looks like it belongs there.
I hope they enjoy it.

This is me and the buyer of Spring Has Sprung. I had several people who wanted this painting but this woman got it first. She said she will send me a photo of it in her house and I'll share that later.

I was recently asked if I feel sad when one of my paintings sells, and the answer is no. I always take photos of everything I create plus it makes me happy that someone wants to display my painting in their home or office. I also know that when I free up space by selling a painting then I'll create something new to fill that emptiness. It's a cycle of creating, letting go, and creating again.


  1. Look how happy the buyers are!! They feel connected to your paintings how wonderful for your soul!! BRILLIANT new header....I LOVE IT!! Totally say Jkbees ALL THE WAY!! Love the heART....excellent!! You are the coolest Janet!! You inspire me girl!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Love your new look. Your buyers are very happy with their new art ... lucky them and lucky you. It's too hot to much of anything -- including blogging. Trying to catch up today ... Love the post with the lady and the kitty -- he does go every where with her!
    Stay cool

  3. Three cheers! I'd say you are dong very well and so, too, are your happy buyers! Isn't it nice when everyone wins!

  4. I like your new look too!!! Love the banner at the top! Congrats again on your art sales...the buyers look like they are very pleased.


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