Friday, July 31, 2015

Show Your Face...Two New Faces

It's Friday and you know what that's time to Show Your Face with Kim Dellow. If you don't already know about this fun challenge you need to check it out, especially if you like to draw or paint faces.

Today I'm sharing a couple of new drawings I did. I'm thinking of making these into a coloring book. Let me know what you think of that idea.

This first one is my Art Deco girl. I finished her a couple of days ago. She might be a band majorette, too! She has to be very careful when she walks or her headdress will fall off!

I'm not sure who this girl is but I like her. Maybe some kind of exotic princess.
Yesterday I talked about drawing faces and how mine have changed/or not over the years. Sometimes when I sit down to draw, I catch myself starting out doing things like I did several years ago and I have to stop myself and say "you know better now"...old habits are hard to change! The "princess" girl above has eyes that are too big. That was one of my biggest challenges when it came to changing how I did faces. But I love doing faces whether they're "correct" or not. In real life, not many faces are perfect or completely symmetrical and that's what I keep telling myself!


  1. Wonderful elegant faces, Janet. What little girl, or adult woman would love to have a color book of these fabulous faces. I went way out of my comfort zone and did an old rugged sailor.

  2. oh no her eyes are not too big
    she is who she is
    she is an individual
    she is beautiful
    i think the coloring book is a grand idea!

  3. Just love your style - your gals are powerful <3

  4. I love your girls - both of them! Your exotic lady looks as if maybe she's all dressed up for carnival! These would be great to colour, but they look pretty powerful in black and white too. xx

  5. Coloring books sounds great. The second girl could be a 20s Egyptian princess!

  6. I happen to love your girls the faces are always so perfectly done

  7. All the pdfs I have made, at least for email, are downloadable. My word processor, Pages, can "save as", and I often have it save as a pdf.

  8. Fantastic work, ove how you did these faces, hugs, Valerie

  9. Coloring book is a great idea....and not just for faces but some of the ladies dresses. Wish we would have had such a coloring book.

  10. Oh, you have the artistic freedom, Janet, they are so beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie.

    Love and hugs

  11. You are just phenomenal!

  12. Oh, goodness, Janet, you're not nearly as old as I am. Love ya, girl!


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