Sunday, July 26, 2015

Texture, Color and Layers in Art

Do you like texture and color? Those two things seem to drive me when I do art. I love seeing a painting or a journal page with LAYERS and LAYERS of texture and color...and I love bright, happy colors most of all.

The photos here all all small snippets from my earlier journal pages. 

Blue and green together always make me happy. I tend to like the lime/avocado/sage greens and more in the turquoise area when it comes to blue. I started this page with lots of writing...don't remember what I wrote and it really doesn't matter because it's just the first LAYER on the blank white page. Then I've used stencils, some freehand doodles, and some splops of paint that form circles...another of my favorite things. You will probably find circles or dots in most of my artwork.

The page above has a lot going on. I don't normally use a lot of pink but I think this was a challenge for pink. I see scrapbook papers, smooshed paint, stencils, and once again...dots! Lots of LAYERS!

More color in this and green. This one has stencils and stamps. And guess what...the stamp is a dot design!! Do you see a theme here? Am I getting dotty??!

Now this one was a failed attempt! I cut large strips of solid color magazine pages and glued them to my pages. Then I added a stencil using white paint. Didn't like it so I smeared it out a bit and still didn't like it. But seeing it here in a small snippet like this, I like it! It's a beginning. Maybe it needs a few more LAYERS!

More strips of magazine doing this. You can get a wonderful LAYER of pattern and color and it's inexpensive. I put a light wash of gesso over the strips and they look worn and aged. LOVE that look!!

Do you have favorite things that always show up in your art? How do you add texture and layers? Or do you like something without all the layers?


  1. Stunning all of them. My problem is I make layers and layers and then end up covering them up with my painting... Unlike yours that always show up in the background... I love all of them even the so called failed attempt! My work ends up with texture just from changing my mind as I paint!! Great tutorial!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. You have a real eye for colour combinations Janet. I love layers too, I use to make cards, so to use up my patterned paper stash, lately I've been free hand cutting different sized rectangles and squares , then laying them all over my background, and then white washing lightly with gesso. the average size of my squares and about 5 x 5, so it can be time consuming, but I don't mind, I just go into automatic mode and do a few pages at once, whilst watching TV. I'll have to try your magazine method.

  3. Oh, Janet, these are beautiful!

  4. Hi Janet, I am with you on the green and blue together thing! I love layers and you have done yours so beautifully!

  5. Wonderful laying and colors. I find images like these so soothing just as they are. xox

  6. LOVING your layers and colors. I am trying to perfect a better layering technique so seeing this post is both timely and inspirational!


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