Sunday, August 23, 2015

Me and My Sketchbook...

I'm feeling much tummy bug has decided to go live somewhere else. I've been sketching a bit more since most of the time I was relaxing in bed. I'm not one of those people who can take their art supplies to bed and work in a journal. I'm much too messy for that. So I stick to pencils, pens, and my sketchbook.

Here is a face I'm working you can tell, she isn't ready for her close-up!

I also managed to do a flower design...

As much as I love color, I also love the simplicity of plain black and white pen sketches. They seem clean and fresh to me. I'd like to offer some of my black and white designs for sale as coloring pages if I can figure out how to make a PDF that is downloadable one time. I know how to make the PDF but it's the part about making it download once (for each person) and then be gone that has me stumped. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

On another subject, I recently saw an article online that has me wondering...

This article told about a man who takes screenshots of Instagram photos and is selling them at a show and it's all legal! He isn't selling the photo, he's selling the screenshot! Here is the website in case you want to read about this. This makes me mad, and also makes me less inclined to use Instagram. Not that I think my art is so special but it's mine and shouldn't be used by anyone else to make money unless I say they can. What do you think??

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Latest From Where I Am...

The past few days have not been so good for me. I've had a yukky tummy bug of some kind, and spent all day yesterday in bed. It finally got the best of me. Today I feel somewhat better but it hasn't let go of me yet. And the weather hasn't helped much with temps hovering around 104º for the past few days. Today it promises to be just a tad bit cooler...only 99º!!

Once again I have very little to share with you but I did have one bright spot in my day yesterday. Look what the postman brought me...

Nine luscious bottles of Daler Rowney inks. I'm getting ready for a class I just signed up's Paint Mojo with Tracy Verdugo. I can't wait! I love her style which is somewhat like Flora Bowley's. I took Flora's first online class and was a little disappointed. The videos weren't always the best and I only had a short period of time to watch them. With Paint Mojo I'll have a year. I treated myself to this class with some of the money I made from my art show.

I think I'll be laying low for the rest of the day...maybe I'll manage to do a bit of sketching later.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Switching From Google+ Back to My "Normal" Blog...

I have had such an experience over the past week. As you may know, I switched my blog to Google+ thinking that it would improve things and maybe increase traffic. It ended up being a nightmare! If someone wanted to comment on my blog they had to join Google+ and I didn't want that. I never like to be forced to join things and I didn't want that to be going on on my blog.

So I disabled Google+...or so I thought. But my comment section remained with it. No problem. I'll just google how to fix that, right? Not so fast. I tried every way of searching my particular problem but found nothing except how to disable Google+ which I had already done.

After much pulling of hair, ranting, steam coming out of my ears, etc. I finally got a solution. I had to go back and join Google+ again and disable it again. Apparently I got caught in some computer vortex and it wouldn't let go. Now I'm safely back to my normal comment section and all's well that ends well. So if you have been just dying to comment on my blog, feel free to do so. I promise you won't have to join anything!


In the midst of all this my creative mojo took a back seat but I did manage to do one collage in my art journal...

I used several different magazine bits for this. One page for the background with the castle, another for the pink furry coat, another for the pink fluff at the back of her coat (it's her dress flowing out in a train! I wanted it to be lower in the collage but when I started to put it down the glue stuck and that was it.) another image for her head, a ring for her hat, and another rose image for her flower. Oh, and I added the arm and the padlock, too. A bit of washi tape around the edges and she's finished. Not anything spectacular but at least I managed a bit of creativity in all the chaos. Doing these fun collage pages always relaxes me. I get lost in all the bits and pieces and just play.

Please, let me know if the comments are/aren't working.  

Friday, August 07, 2015

Hello, New Painting...and Comments are Back to Normal

Let's talk about what this blog is all about...ART! This entire year has been somewhat of a struggle for me and my art. Art slumps, then frantic art activity followed by more art slumps. I've almost decided that's just how I work. Even so, it's been more pronounced this year. Yesterday I shared one of the paintings I recently finished. Today I'm sharing the second one.

Magical Garden
20" x 20"

close up 1

close up 2

This painting has a lot of layers on it and for a long time I wasn't sure where it was going. Then I just decided to start doodling on it and this is what appeared. HB says it has an African tribal look but I don't see that.

I used splops of paint, lots of stencils, and paint pens, and my favorite hands, to create this. I took both of these new paintings (this one and the one I shared in the previous post) over to the Playhouse yesterday after my knitting class. They have something going on this weekend and I didn't want empty spaces where the "sold" paintings had been. 

I think I've finished just about everything that was a WIP so I better get busy and come up with some new ideas.

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Hundertwasser and Me...

For most of the early part of this year and into the late spring I did nothing but paint so that I would have enough paintings for my art show. I think I got burned out on painting! Since then I've barely done any painting until just recently. I had two canvases that I had started for the show but I didn't have time to finish them so they have been quietly sitting in my studio.

Each time I went in the room I would see them and think "I need to finish those" but I had no interest in doing that. Recently it all started to come back to me...the urge to paint. I thought about starting something new but those two canvases kept reminding me that they weren't finished.

So today I'm sharing with you the first one I finished. I almost painted over this canvas a couple of times because I didn't know where it was going. I'm glad I kept going with it.

12" x 36"

When I started this painting I was inspired by the work of Friedensreich Hundertwasser. I love his weird buildings and use of bright colors. I don't begin to think my painting looks anything like his work but it still inspired me.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Doodling Again...

Today is my shopping and errands day so I just have a quick post for you. But first I want to ask if anyone can explain Google+ to me! I have connected it with my blog but I don't understand it at all. I find it very confusing with posts from other people plus my own posts, and then there are posts that are posted by someone other than the person who first posted it. Yikes!! Very odd to say the least.


Last evening while HB and I sat together to watch TV, I drew a scribble doodle and then began filling it in with a black Sharpie. This is the end result...

I used Crayola markers for the bright colors and a Sharpie paint pen to do all the white dots. You knew there had to be dots!! 

This was a fun little project. It came about as a combination of things I've been watching on Creative Bug...a new (to me) site that has lots of videos on everything from art, crochet, knitting, sewing, quilting, jewelry and lots more. I heard about it from my friend Mary. Creative Bug is a subscription site and it's only $4.99 a month after an initial free trial period. They have some very good videos...I'm hooked! 

Okay, it's off to get some food in the house, some books from the library, and maybe a stop for lunch. See you tomorrow!! Hope you have a great Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Faces, Faces, and More Faces...

I took Sunday off to just relax and somehow it just went right into Monday, too. But I'm back today and talking about art journaling again. I'm working on two new paintings and when I finish them I'll share. It should only be a day or so until I finish.

In the meantime I thought I'd share with you a few more faces from my art journals. I love doing faces and I've changed the way I do them as you will see from these older ones...

This one is an old favorite. I bought a Canson 9" x 12" All-Media book with the idea to fill it with just faces. This is the first page. I didn't manage to do that but I did start out with a few...these are all from 2010.

You may notice another theme going on here. I talked previously about my love of dots and circles and how they show up in a lot of my art...another thing is, I hate to draw or paint hair so I use all sorts of ways to avoid that. Here it was doodles.

Here I was trying a different pose...and again, the hair is doodled. This is one of the few redheads I've ever done.

This is another of my favorites. I don't always go for "beauty" when I do faces. This one is pulled art; where I saw something in the background and developed it. I like her quirky look and the colors.

This is a collage of a few more of my quirky faces. The one on the left is only a partial of the entire painting and I love her! She is another example of pulled art. The smaller (partial) ones on the right are from one of my moleskines.

For a change of pace, this is a magazine face with added big eyes. I like making these composite faces, too.

Faces come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are beautiful and some are quirky and some are odd but I enjoy bringing them to the page.  And who knows, maybe one of these days I'll actually fill one of my art journals with faces.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

A Lazy Saturday For Me...

Last night I stayed up late watching art videos on YouTube and Vimeo. Big mistake! Then I couldn't go to sleep because I had so many ideas rolling around in my head. Do you ever do that?

So today I'm late getting anything posted and it's going to be a mish mash of different things. First of all I got the photo from my second buyer showing her painting in her home.

It's the perfect size for that little wall. I hope she enjoys it, and that it brings her happiness when she sees it each day.
A few days ago I was talking about art journaling so I thought I'd share a couple of other pages with you. These first two use one of my favorite and least expensive art supplies. Good old masking tape.

This is a snippet of a page I did using masking tape. I smooshed on some paint, and then tore pieces of masking tape and put them all over the page. I went around the tape with a dark pencil...probably my Stabilo but I don't remember for sure. People told me it looked like Asian writing. I think the smaller, pink writing is a stamp. I did that over everything. 

This one is much the same except it was done in an old book and part of the page is still showing through. No paint involved on this page. I remember doing this one after I received a package in the mail. It had a lot of that very thin, cheap brown paper all wadded up as cushioning for the package. I tore that paper up and used it on the background. Then tore my masking tape the same as on the other page. I added a quote and some large black dots and that was it. This page cost me almost nothing to make.

This is one of my favorites. I did it for a challenge called "the one that got away." At first, like I'm sure everyone did, I thought about fishing or about girls trying to catch a husband! But then I decided to go simple. I used a stencil for the numbers and put the "one" over on the side as if it's escaping. It just has some layers of paint smooshed on the background, probably with an old credit card. Simple simple.

If you really have the urge to work in an art journal, just remember you don't need a lot of fancy stuff to do it. You just need your own imagination and a few simple items. You can make your own stencils and stamps. There are tons of videos about how to do that. And Julie Balzer has some excellent classes about making your own stencils and stamps. 

Okay, that's it for today. I think I'll be napping this afternoon! 
Or maybe I'll play in one of my art journals.