Friday, August 07, 2015

Hello, New Painting...and Comments are Back to Normal

Let's talk about what this blog is all about...ART! This entire year has been somewhat of a struggle for me and my art. Art slumps, then frantic art activity followed by more art slumps. I've almost decided that's just how I work. Even so, it's been more pronounced this year. Yesterday I shared one of the paintings I recently finished. Today I'm sharing the second one.

Magical Garden
20" x 20"

close up 1

close up 2

This painting has a lot of layers on it and for a long time I wasn't sure where it was going. Then I just decided to start doodling on it and this is what appeared. HB says it has an African tribal look but I don't see that.

I used splops of paint, lots of stencils, and paint pens, and my favorite hands, to create this. I took both of these new paintings (this one and the one I shared in the previous post) over to the Playhouse yesterday after my knitting class. They have something going on this weekend and I didn't want empty spaces where the "sold" paintings had been. 

I think I've finished just about everything that was a WIP so I better get busy and come up with some new ideas.


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  2. Yeah hip hip hooray!!! Back to normal!! JKBEES is alive and well and her journey continues!! I commend you for your tenacity...but do you have any hair left!! lol I think I heard you pulling out a few here in Canada!! So glad you stuck with it! Maybe a post on how you found resolve. With a title... getting my blog back to normal!!

    Big hugs Giggles

  3. No more G+?? Yeaaaaa! Now I have to go find your new site to see if you will still be there. Wherever you land, I'll be there sooner or later. Nice painting. :)

  4. Your colourful flowers are really magical, a beautiful painting.

  5. Love your magical garden.These pieces could be fabric like at Lovely,



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