Thursday, September 24, 2015

A "Sort of" Finished Journal Spread...

Not much happening today here at Chez least nothing exciting. I did some laundry and hung it outside in the fresh air. I love to do that! In fact, call me crazy, but I love to do laundry!! Of all the things to do around the house, I'll do laundry any time.

Now that you know how exciting I can be, here's my latest journal spread...

This spread seems much more subdued than some of my others. I didn't doodle quite as much on these pages. I think they need something else so I'll look at them for a day or two and see if any ideas pop into my head.

Above is the left page...I liked those fingernails in the lower right corner. They're purple! What more do I need to say!! The purple dots on the side...that's a scrap of painted newspaper. Love that stuff!

I tried to repeat the purple fingernails on this page but they're a different purple. The face is one of my old pieces of art. I just changed the color of her headscarf. I think she needs a neck!! I'll add that later. The black dotted paper at the bottom is more about an inexpensive art supply!

I keep seeing blogs mentioning fall weather and I'm so envious. It's still in the upper 90's here and will stay there for the rest of this week...maybe longer. At this time of year I'm always ready for fall weather. It's my favorite time of year. But I have to be patient and wait a few more weeks.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

72 and Counting...

Since my last post I've gotten another year older. I just celebrated my birthday. I'm telling everyone that I'm 27! I think it's okay to turn numbers around, don't you? Besides 27 sounds much better than 72!!

It was a very good birthday with lots of emails, e-cards, and text msgs from friends. Both of my kids called me and HB gave me a beautiful card, 2 new art books, and a new tea kettle (which I have been wanting) and we went out for dinner in the evening. In case you don't know, I have very simple tastes and want for very little. That doesn't mean I have everything in the just means I don't really want much. The tea kettle was perfect...functional, pretty, and something I'll use almost every day.

Here are the books HB got for me...

HB knows me!!

I taught my art journaling class on my birthday and they surprised me with red velvet cupcakes and a card signed by everyone plus one of the new people in my class came early with her son and daughter and sang happy birthday to me. She also made me a lovely journal to use for zentangles...
 It's got a cloth cover and nice smooth white pages which will be fun to work on. I love the tall, narrow size of it...

and her son did this beautiful coloring page for me with markers in bright colors because he said he knew I liked them.

After the class was over I took several of the people over to see my art exhibit. It's going to be coming down next week. The new people in my class had not seen it and they had expressed an interest in it.

All in all, I had a lovely day with surprises and lots of fun.
Here is my latest art journal spread...I began this one as an example for my class. When I showed it in class yesterday, it just had a painted background and some collage pieces glued down. I finished it last night...

This is the left page.
The girl in the corner is from an art magazine. 
The little tree picture is one of my paintings, scanned and printed smaller. 

This is the right page.
The girl in the upper corner is one of my paintings...
I scanned her and printed it smaller and then changed the colors for this page.
My eye is still giving me problems and this morning I had a dentist appointment...more problems! It sure isn't easy getting to be my age...someone said getting old isn't for sissies!! But I'm thankful for the fact that I still do not take any medications. In this day and age that's almost unheard of. Overall, I'm in good health so that's a plus. A few problems here and there aren't enough to slow me down. I'm off to begin my 72nd year on this planet!!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Art and Life in the High Desert...

This has been a busy week for me. Monday my art journal class began at Legacy Commons. I was expecting maybe 6 people and there were 15! It was so much fun. Now I just hope most of them come back next week.

Because of my class, I've been working in my journals again. This time I'm working in another altered book which is a bit smaller. It's only 11.5" x 9.5". I've added several fold-out pages to this journal. The fold-out I worked on this time was a double fold-out. It was originally an ad for Mercedes Benz but now this is how it looks...

Each side of this folds in to make it only half this size when it's closed.

Above is the left can probably see the fold down through the center. 

and this is the right side. You can click on the pictures to see them larger.

I started working on this fold-out a long time ago. I did some stencil work with spray inks over a black
background. Then a few days ago I began layering on some collage images and then I added a bit more smeared paint in pink and green. Last I added doodles. It's not my normal look but I like how it turned out.

This is the end of the art journal/creative part of this post...the rest has nothing to do with art so if you want to stop here that's okay.

I'm linking with Kate Robertson's Express Your Creativity and Julie Balzer's Art Journal Every Day plus reminding you to visit Kim Dellow for Show Your Face even though again I don't have a face to show.

We've been having some spectacular weather here in the high desert. I love clouds and a couple of times while I was out and about I took some photos...

Most of these were taken from the car so they aren't the best but I just thought they looked so beautiful. The huge cloud in the first photo hung over our area for a long time. I love looking at clouds. I used to do that as a kid...lay on the grass and watch the clouds and see if I could find images in them.


The last thing that's been going on is I'm having problems with my left eye. A couple of weeks ago I went to bed and everything was fine. I woke up the next day with blurred vision in my left eye, slight pain, and it waters all the time. I tried getting a referral to an eye specialist but long story short it didn't happen. So I just went to the urgent care associated with my medical group. The doctor only asked me a couple of questions and said he was sending me right away to see a specialist. I went straight there, had a ton of tests done on my eyes and the best they could come up with is my eye is dry! I don't see how that could happen overnight. They gave me some OTC eye drops and sent me home. In two weeks I have another exam to see if I need new glasses. Until then I'm using the eye drops which don't seem to do anything. I still have pain in my eye at times and it's very sensitive to light. Wish me luck on this. My eyes can't fail me now!! Maybe I'll get an eye patch and turn into a beautiful woman like this...

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Different Colors for Me...

My art journal class begins on Monday and I'm busy getting everything ready. I also made another journal spread. This time I used colors I don't normally use...

Many of these images came from an old issue of Juxtapoz magazine
so they're a bit strange but I like that.

This is the left side of the spread...

and this is the right side.

I didn't put as much on these pages as I did in the ones before. Not sure why...the pictures seemed to be almost enough. But you know me...I had to add some dots and circles! I'm sorry these journal pages all look a bit crooked. It's difficult to get the pages in this book to lay flat when I take photos so consequently things look wonky here but not so much in person.

This is one of the techniques I plan to share in my class...just the basics. Many of the people who come to my class don't have as many art supplies as I have so I have to make things simpler. It's still fun!!

Friday, September 11, 2015

More Art Journal Pages...I Can't Quit!

I'm sure you're noticing an absence of something here on the blog...what is it, you say...FACES!! At the beginning of the month I said I would unofficially be doing 29 Faces this month, then I decided to just go for it so I made it official. That was the kiss of death!! I haven't done one single face since then! I'm not sure what is wrong with me (if anything) but every time I actually join in on a challenge I quickly lose interest. I used to love to do faces but lately I haven't been in the mood for them.

I am taking a wonderful class called Creating Soulful Art with a Story. So far I've watched about half the videos and I'm very happy with the content. She also does a video on how to paint hands! And you can't beat the price of this class...only $25! I'm hoping it will get me inspired to paint some faces.
About the only thing I want to do right now is work in my art journal. I'm having so much fun with it. I hope you aren't getting tired of seeing all my pages. I seem to get obsessed with one thing and just do it until I get my fill, then move on to something else. Here are my latest pages...

A few people asked me about this process. I learned it through a friend.
I don't feel comfortable sharing too much of this process
but I'll show you a couple of stages in my pages. 

This is the beginning...paint, some acrylic inks, 
and sometimes I add some washi tape as I did here.
Just be messy!!

Then I start auditioning some images I've randomly pulled out.
I like parts of this but something is off.

This is the final selection just before I glued them all down.

Above is the final result. After gluing everything down 
I begin to doodle...this is my favorite part.

Here's a close-up of the left page...

and here's a close-up of the right page.
My pages don't resemble the original technique very much
but that's good. It means I learned something 
and put my own spin on it.

Mostly it's just the way I like to create...magazine images randomly chosen, bright colors for the background, and doodles. (I just noticed that the dot over the "i" in my name above is right in the center of one of the heads!! I didn't plan that.)

My favorite section of this page is the upper left corner with all the hanging lanterns that I extended down the side. And of course, I love all the dots and circles.

This spread also has an arch which I like and didn't even think about as I was gluing things down. It starts with the stack of bowls on the lower left, up to the pomegranate, to the circle and across to the flower petals. I love when things like that happen on my pages. 

Today I'm posting to Kate Robertson's Express Your Creativity and Julie Balzer's Art Journal Every Day. But don't forget about Kim Dellow's Show Your Face. Even if I don't have anything to post there this week, you should still stop by to see what others are doing.

I guess it's good that I'm creating in my art journal since my class starts up again on Monday. I'm looking forward to seeing some old friends and some new faces. I'll be sharing some things from my class here on the blog. Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

A Multi-Page Journal Spread

I hope everyone in the U.S. had a nice holiday weekend. I know I did. I played in my journal most of the time. It's gotten hot again. I'm spoiled after we had about a week of very pleasant weather.

I must warn you there are a lot of photos for this journal spread. I'm still working in the big altered book and when I decided to use it as a journal there were already some pages that were cut. I cut out pictures of flowers leaving only partial pages so when I was removing pages to make the journal I came to this section of several partial pages. I decided to keep them in the book and somehow use them. So here's what I did...some of these pictures might be confusing at first but I hope I make it clear by the end.

Above is how the pages look when this section begins. The page with the woman is only half the page so you are seeing things from other pages on the right edge of the photo.

Above shows the first section of half pages in the middle and the other pages showing on the edges. Are you confused yet??

This shows the next section with one half page on the left and about 3/4 of a page on the right.

This is the back of the 3/4 page on the left and a small partial page on the right.

 This shows the small partial page on the left and the last page of this section. I tried to keep the colors pretty much the same throughout and I also used the water waves on several pages to try and tie them all together.

 This is the first partial page.

 The second partial page

Third partial page.
I didn't draw the dancing woman.
She was part of the picture I used here.

 Fourth partial page
These seemed to be water drops so I thought
they went along with the water waves.

 Fifth partial page
I like the word "navigate" because it goes along
with the water waves on the other pages.

 Sixth partial page
I just like the tea envelope and it's the right color.

 Seventh partial page
Just random things I like
and the colors were good.

Eighth partial page
The lace is part of a dress and I went over it with my pen.

Whew! Did any of this make sense? In person it looks good. I had fun putting this together and trying to make each page different but to also blend in with the rest. I think this is the only section of my journal that has this many partial pages. It was a challenge to do something with it.

Friday, September 04, 2015

Some Faces, A Kitty, and a Fish...

Wednesdays and Thursdays are busy days for me so it's difficult to get anything posted. So today I'm catching up a little bit.

I have done three faces for 29 Faces and I'm still working on the fourth one for today. Both of these faces are small, quick sketches...

Just ignore the scribbles on the right side...
I drew this on a scrap of paper.

This one is also done on a scrap of paper.

And I did manage to make another journal spread. This one might not be finished yet...I'm not sure. There seems to be a lot of "open" space on both pages. I could do some journaling and maybe that's what I'll do...later.

 I like the cat in the lower right hand corner and then the fish in the upper left side. Plus I've always liked that image from W magazine showing the woman holding the eye.

This is the left page with the fish and the woman. I did the little red/pink dots in the lower corner very early on in my doodling. I wish now that I had waited and done them in black to be a reverse of the other dots on this page.

This is the right page with the cat. I found a book with pictures of lots of games so that's where the dominoes came from, and also the hopscotch on the previous page. I love doing the doodling most of all on these journal spreads.


I'm linking to 29 Faces,  Kim Dellow's Show Your Face, and Kate Robertson's Express Your Creativity and Julie Balzer's Art Journal Every Day I hope you visit these sites to see lots more faces and creativity.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Purple, Orange and Green...

I'm loving this art journal technique
and have finished another spread in my big journal...

I picked random paint colors of purple, green and orange then pulled out a stack of things I'd cut from magazines and books and just chose a few things not even thinking much about the colors. I was quite surprised at the things I picked when I got them all laid out on the page. And even though I had no theme in mind I still have one...eyeglasses!

On the left page above there was some kind of weird tree/plant drawing in the book on the upper left corner. I utilized it, added paint and doodles and it became a headdress for the woman wearing eyeglasses. Some of the orange flowers in the bottom corner were also on the book page and I just enhanced and added to them. The little alphabet sampler reminded me of an eye chart which fit right in with the green eyeglasses.

This right side of the spread has the orange eyeglasses and a purple silhouette of the woman. She had a couple of orange dots in weird places so I added more and tried to make them look intentional. Some of the leaf and flower shapes were in the book but again I enhanced and added to them. The larger flower/rose image on the right side is actually a scarf all rolled up.

Then I added some washi tape and lots of doodles on both pages and it was finished. It all came together very easily so maybe I'm back in my groove again. I sure hope so.

I did a small face sketch but I think I'll save the faces and post them once a week. That may work better for me.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

And So it Begins...

I'm starting off the month in a very creative mood so I hope I can keep it going. This is my birth month and it's always been a pretty good month for me.

I recently learned a new journaling technique from a good friend (you know who you are!!)...and I know I'll be using this many, many times. Here is a spread I did yesterday...

This is the whole spread...and is done in my big altered book 
which is about 14" x 10" so this spread is 20" across.
I love working in a big journal!!

Above is the left page...

And this is the right page.
There's a lot going on but I like that.
My motto is more is better!


On another note I'm going to unofficially do 29 Faces this month. I say unofficially because I haven't signed up for it but I'm going to be posting some faces. Here is a small sketch that I started quite some time ago and finished up just last night...

The photo quality isn't too good but I like her.

Now I'm off to begin Paint Mojo the e-course...I'm excited to do this class. I love Tracy Verdugo's style of painting and recently took her mini class Animalitos which was fun. And I have already started another journal spread so look for that coming soon.

PS - I decided to make the 29 Faces official as you can see from the button over there on the side. Wish me luck!!