Tuesday, September 22, 2015

72 and Counting...

Since my last post I've gotten another year older. I just celebrated my birthday. I'm telling everyone that I'm 27! I think it's okay to turn numbers around, don't you? Besides 27 sounds much better than 72!!

It was a very good birthday with lots of emails, e-cards, and text msgs from friends. Both of my kids called me and HB gave me a beautiful card, 2 new art books, and a new tea kettle (which I have been wanting) and we went out for dinner in the evening. In case you don't know, I have very simple tastes and want for very little. That doesn't mean I have everything in the world...it just means I don't really want much. The tea kettle was perfect...functional, pretty, and something I'll use almost every day.

Here are the books HB got for me...

HB knows me!!

I taught my art journaling class on my birthday and they surprised me with red velvet cupcakes and a card signed by everyone plus one of the new people in my class came early with her son and daughter and sang happy birthday to me. She also made me a lovely journal to use for zentangles...
 It's got a cloth cover and nice smooth white pages which will be fun to work on. I love the tall, narrow size of it...

and her son did this beautiful coloring page for me with markers in bright colors because he said he knew I liked them.

After the class was over I took several of the people over to see my art exhibit. It's going to be coming down next week. The new people in my class had not seen it and they had expressed an interest in it.

All in all, I had a lovely day with surprises and lots of fun.
Here is my latest art journal spread...I began this one as an example for my class. When I showed it in class yesterday, it just had a painted background and some collage pieces glued down. I finished it last night...

This is the left page.
The girl in the corner is from an art magazine. 
The little tree picture is one of my paintings, scanned and printed smaller. 

This is the right page.
The girl in the upper corner is one of my paintings...
I scanned her and printed it smaller and then changed the colors for this page.
My eye is still giving me problems and this morning I had a dentist appointment...more problems! It sure isn't easy getting to be my age...someone said getting old isn't for sissies!! But I'm thankful for the fact that I still do not take any medications. In this day and age that's almost unheard of. Overall, I'm in good health so that's a plus. A few problems here and there aren't enough to slow me down. I'm off to begin my 72nd year on this planet!!


  1. You Rock Janet :)

  2. You Rock Janet :)

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely birthday! I agree with Eden. You rock! I am drooling over the books you received. I hope you will tell the maker of the journal how much I like it! It's so unique. Bet you'll enjoy filling it up. The unusual shape and size will make it fun.

    I think I've said this before, but I am sure glad I stumbled upon your blog.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday my friend....Sounds like a perfect Birthday to me. I don't want for much either...so its sounds wonderful!! Love the doodle the son did for you and the fabulous journal...how fun is that!! Wonderful pages in that new style...I like that you up-cycled some of your old art too!! Happy 27th....If anyone questions your age....just say, "Well that's how I see myself, .I'm dyslexic! " Much happiness for the year ahead!! Once the eye and teeth are fixed up, you'll be brand new again and raring to go!!!

    Big hugs Giggles

  5. Happiest of birthdays, Janet! 72 and no meds? Good for you (though I hope all the parts of your face start giving you a break. Eyes, mouth? Time for a break!) I love you journal spread, of course, and am touched by the generosity of your students. They sound terrific! Let me join in the merriment! Happy Birthday!

  6. Marvelous spread. Most happy belated. Looks like you are enjoying yourself and that's what counts, doing what you love. xox

  7. Happy belated birthday. Glad you had such a nice one. Those two books look interesting. Sorry about the eye and dental problems. I can certainly sympathize. I broke a big chunk off of one of my teeth last night...eating a handful of pumpkin seeds. They weren't that crunchy, I guess one hit just right. Aargh! Your journal spread is awesome as usual. You really have a knack for putting colors together.
    I'm 72 now also. It's not so bad when one feels well. But the vision and dental problems are not fun. Hang in there.

  8. Happy Birthday Janet. Hope it was as beautiful as you are. It sounds wonderful. I am not turning the number around on my birthday cause that'd make me 10 years older LOL. I am chugging along just a few years behind you. Much LOVE to you.

  9. Huge happy birthday Janet! What fab gifts, the books look great fun! Hope you enjoy exploring them. Love your pages again :) Kx

  10. Happy Birthday, late but still you can be celebrating all month. Let me know how you like the alcohol ink book. 72 or 27 makes no difference you are ageless to me.



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