Tuesday, September 08, 2015

A Multi-Page Journal Spread

I hope everyone in the U.S. had a nice holiday weekend. I know I did. I played in my journal most of the time. It's gotten hot again. I'm spoiled after we had about a week of very pleasant weather.

I must warn you there are a lot of photos for this journal spread. I'm still working in the big altered book and when I decided to use it as a journal there were already some pages that were cut. I cut out pictures of flowers leaving only partial pages so when I was removing pages to make the journal I came to this section of several partial pages. I decided to keep them in the book and somehow use them. So here's what I did...some of these pictures might be confusing at first but I hope I make it clear by the end.

Above is how the pages look when this section begins. The page with the woman is only half the page so you are seeing things from other pages on the right edge of the photo.

Above shows the first section of half pages in the middle and the other pages showing on the edges. Are you confused yet??

This shows the next section with one half page on the left and about 3/4 of a page on the right.

This is the back of the 3/4 page on the left and a small partial page on the right.

 This shows the small partial page on the left and the last page of this section. I tried to keep the colors pretty much the same throughout and I also used the water waves on several pages to try and tie them all together.

 This is the first partial page.

 The second partial page

Third partial page.
I didn't draw the dancing woman.
She was part of the picture I used here.

 Fourth partial page
These seemed to be water drops so I thought
they went along with the water waves.

 Fifth partial page
I like the word "navigate" because it goes along
with the water waves on the other pages.

 Sixth partial page
I just like the tea envelope and it's the right color.

 Seventh partial page
Just random things I like
and the colors were good.

Eighth partial page
The lace is part of a dress and I went over it with my pen.

Whew! Did any of this make sense? In person it looks good. I had fun putting this together and trying to make each page different but to also blend in with the rest. I think this is the only section of my journal that has this many partial pages. It was a challenge to do something with it.


  1. Incredible, you are a true visionary....I love every single page you created! I was going to ask about the dancing girl so thanks for clearing that up! I think you Expressed yourself well! Not sure I understand how it's put together...but I understand that the pages are separate and all match up beautifully!! Thanks for sharing I am loving these intricate pieces of work! Wonderful colours too...so me!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Triple digests are with us all week, Janet. Happy journaling.

  3. Triple digests are with us all week, Janet. Happy journaling.

  4. Love these pages and the colors are really lovely together. The partial pages, half pages, etc. remind me of the days long ago, when I used to do altered books and did that kind of stuff too.{ sigh..}
    It's been so overwhelmingly hot here in Texas I can't stand it. That's all, enough said!

  5. You're using my palette, Janet! Loving it!

  6. This is awesome collage art journaling! The idea of keeping half pages is so interesting. It just makes the artwork even more special. Well done Janet. You could probably sell these big art journals as coffee table books. Especially if you did some theme books. I did that once with bird themes in tiny books and sold them in an art center gift shop. These are special and your talent for color is amazing. You should teach an online class. There are lots of people with time to spare who just dont know how to start doing this. Are you still teaching at the community center? Nice work Janet.

  7. Geeesh, here I am again hours later to get another look. I just love the idea of those half pages here and there. :)

  8. Oh my goodness, This is fabulous. I'm such a novice at this form of art and yours is so amazing. Learning every time I visit.


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