Thursday, September 24, 2015

A "Sort of" Finished Journal Spread...

Not much happening today here at Chez least nothing exciting. I did some laundry and hung it outside in the fresh air. I love to do that! In fact, call me crazy, but I love to do laundry!! Of all the things to do around the house, I'll do laundry any time.

Now that you know how exciting I can be, here's my latest journal spread...

This spread seems much more subdued than some of my others. I didn't doodle quite as much on these pages. I think they need something else so I'll look at them for a day or two and see if any ideas pop into my head.

Above is the left page...I liked those fingernails in the lower right corner. They're purple! What more do I need to say!! The purple dots on the side...that's a scrap of painted newspaper. Love that stuff!

I tried to repeat the purple fingernails on this page but they're a different purple. The face is one of my old pieces of art. I just changed the color of her headscarf. I think she needs a neck!! I'll add that later. The black dotted paper at the bottom is more about an inexpensive art supply!

I keep seeing blogs mentioning fall weather and I'm so envious. It's still in the upper 90's here and will stay there for the rest of this week...maybe longer. At this time of year I'm always ready for fall weather. It's my favorite time of year. But I have to be patient and wait a few more weeks.


  1. I don't know about subdued. Pretty brilliant colors there. MUCH more exciting than your laundry!

  2. This one does feel different than the others...maybe it needs more of something... not sure what's beautiful and vibrant! As for laundry...I am always doing laundry and that is my preferred job at this juncture!! So call me boring too!! Happy creating!!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Janet, honey, sweetie, if you will come do my laundry I will let you vacation at my house for as long as you want in our 88 degree weather. Bring HB and I will let him mow the lawn. HA! Nice pages.

  4. What a fun, clever and colorful journal page. Love the details and the variety of goodies you have tucked in every corner. Very fun indeed. Made me smile.


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