Tuesday, September 01, 2015

And So it Begins...

I'm starting off the month in a very creative mood so I hope I can keep it going. This is my birth month and it's always been a pretty good month for me.

I recently learned a new journaling technique from a good friend (you know who you are!!)...and I know I'll be using this many, many times. Here is a spread I did yesterday...

This is the whole spread...and is done in my big altered book 
which is about 14" x 10" so this spread is 20" across.
I love working in a big journal!!

Above is the left page...

And this is the right page.
There's a lot going on but I like that.
My motto is more is better!


On another note I'm going to unofficially do 29 Faces this month. I say unofficially because I haven't signed up for it but I'm going to be posting some faces. Here is a small sketch that I started quite some time ago and finished up just last night...

The photo quality isn't too good but I like her.

Now I'm off to begin Paint Mojo the e-course...I'm excited to do this class. I love Tracy Verdugo's style of painting and recently took her mini class Animalitos which was fun. And I have already started another journal spread so look for that coming soon.

PS - I decided to make the 29 Faces official as you can see from the button over there on the side. Wish me luck!!


  1. Janet, these pages are so rich and juicy, a doodle lovers paradise. Great job. I love how you varied the size of the dots in some of the branches, great idea. I look forward to seeing what you do in Tracy's class. Its on my list of classes I want to do someday. That is a good start on faces in September, such a lovely lady.


  2. What wonderful deep and rich colors. And what fun to search out each detail you have given...like a treasure hunt. I like your face too. Hope you can get all 29 in. You are off to a good start.

  3. I like the idea of unofficially doing it! Means you do the best you can when you can -- no stress. Your journal page is so complex! I admire that!

  4. Officially I am back:) You never disappoint me, I love the idea of faces during this month. You use color so beautifully. I have been on for a few days now and hope to have more interesting things to share as time goes by. Searching for my creative self or muse. Love you sweet friend, your Mary


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