Friday, September 18, 2015

Art and Life in the High Desert...

This has been a busy week for me. Monday my art journal class began at Legacy Commons. I was expecting maybe 6 people and there were 15! It was so much fun. Now I just hope most of them come back next week.

Because of my class, I've been working in my journals again. This time I'm working in another altered book which is a bit smaller. It's only 11.5" x 9.5". I've added several fold-out pages to this journal. The fold-out I worked on this time was a double fold-out. It was originally an ad for Mercedes Benz but now this is how it looks...

Each side of this folds in to make it only half this size when it's closed.

Above is the left can probably see the fold down through the center. 

and this is the right side. You can click on the pictures to see them larger.

I started working on this fold-out a long time ago. I did some stencil work with spray inks over a black
background. Then a few days ago I began layering on some collage images and then I added a bit more smeared paint in pink and green. Last I added doodles. It's not my normal look but I like how it turned out.

This is the end of the art journal/creative part of this post...the rest has nothing to do with art so if you want to stop here that's okay.

I'm linking with Kate Robertson's Express Your Creativity and Julie Balzer's Art Journal Every Day plus reminding you to visit Kim Dellow for Show Your Face even though again I don't have a face to show.

We've been having some spectacular weather here in the high desert. I love clouds and a couple of times while I was out and about I took some photos...

Most of these were taken from the car so they aren't the best but I just thought they looked so beautiful. The huge cloud in the first photo hung over our area for a long time. I love looking at clouds. I used to do that as a kid...lay on the grass and watch the clouds and see if I could find images in them.


The last thing that's been going on is I'm having problems with my left eye. A couple of weeks ago I went to bed and everything was fine. I woke up the next day with blurred vision in my left eye, slight pain, and it waters all the time. I tried getting a referral to an eye specialist but long story short it didn't happen. So I just went to the urgent care associated with my medical group. The doctor only asked me a couple of questions and said he was sending me right away to see a specialist. I went straight there, had a ton of tests done on my eyes and the best they could come up with is my eye is dry! I don't see how that could happen overnight. They gave me some OTC eye drops and sent me home. In two weeks I have another exam to see if I need new glasses. Until then I'm using the eye drops which don't seem to do anything. I still have pain in my eye at times and it's very sensitive to light. Wish me luck on this. My eyes can't fail me now!! Maybe I'll get an eye patch and turn into a beautiful woman like this...


  1. Hi Janet, LOVE your journal pages, they are totally WOW! Great photos, too. Sorry about the eye problems, make sure you get tests and results. I have a lot of eye problems and have had many OPs, and it is really important to investigate the causes for the problems. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Hi Janet, LOVE your journal pages, they are totally WOW! Great photos, too. Sorry about the eye problems, make sure you get tests and results. I have a lot of eye problems and have had many OPs, and it is really important to investigate the causes for the problems. Hugs, Valerie

  3. Fabulous journal pages

  4. I love this fold out idea, and the colors are amazing. I had to look at it for awhile to take it all in. Have fun with your class, how fun.
    I hope your eye is okay, I have dry eyes, it is very uncomfortable and before I saw a specialist, I had tears running down my face all the time. Fast forward, last week after months of trying to ignore it, I went in and on the 6th of October I have cataract surgery first on my left eye and then after a couple of weeks my right eye. The old saying (blind as a bat) could be a good saying for me right now. I haven't been driving at night and very little day time. This is part of why I do not have many projects. It has been a hard couple of years at the Evans house. But Like most things, I am sure things will get much better. Hugs, Mary

  5. Always getting new ideas with visiting your blog. This is a great journal page and the fold outs are really cool. How nice you can have a class to teach other.

  6. This journal pages is stunning I love it so much! I have never seen anything like unique and cool!! Love the clouds and I did the same thing as a kid! Love the first one I see a huge face in it!!

    So sorry about that eye....Cupcakes aunt woke up with a completely swollen eye too and she says it feels like it's going to explode. The lid is so swollen!! Hope it's just a virus you have!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Gorgeous spread! So much to love about them. They have a mysterious quality to them.

    Hope your eye is much better. Not fun at all. My eyes have been watering for a while now, but it's clear that mine is caused by allergies. Hope your cure is simple and effective.

  8. Those clouds are very impressive! Love your journalspread, the black makes the colours really pop. It looks playful and there's so much to see on there. So sorry to hear about your eye. Hope they find what causes it.

  9. Since you have recently been ill Janet, hopefully your eye problem is related to that. Maybe just an inflammation in the sinus or something. Well, what the heck do I know? Our bodies do weird things. I hope everything will be all right. Your newest journal page is something else. Different then your usual. Interesting. And that huge cloud, oh my, what an awesome picture. Happy rest of the weekend.

  10. Your journal pages are lovely. So enjoyed the sky photos - you should take part in Sky Watch Friday!
    Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Terrific fold-out collage! so much to look at...great color, pattern and movement!

  12. Super funky and fun!

  13. Oh Janet, I know how frightening it is when artists have eye issues. I hope yours is short-lived and especially quick to heal, and that you'll be out of the pain zone soon.

    I know what you mean about the skies. I saw some like that this weekend -- your photos are terrific. Big sigh!

  14. Love your pages and thank you for the link up to Show Your Face. I'm hoping that the eye thing sorts out really quickly! Sending e-get well soon wishes! Kx


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