Saturday, September 12, 2015

Different Colors for Me...

My art journal class begins on Monday and I'm busy getting everything ready. I also made another journal spread. This time I used colors I don't normally use...

Many of these images came from an old issue of Juxtapoz magazine
so they're a bit strange but I like that.

This is the left side of the spread...

and this is the right side.

I didn't put as much on these pages as I did in the ones before. Not sure why...the pictures seemed to be almost enough. But you know me...I had to add some dots and circles! I'm sorry these journal pages all look a bit crooked. It's difficult to get the pages in this book to lay flat when I take photos so consequently things look wonky here but not so much in person.

This is one of the techniques I plan to share in my class...just the basics. Many of the people who come to my class don't have as many art supplies as I have so I have to make things simpler. It's still fun!!


  1. More gorgeous collage!! I think these pages are a great exercise in colour and placement!! Love how they're turning out and love how you are experimenting with colours not normally high on your list.These show how playing can really develop a style in new ways!! LOVE them so much!! Happy teaching...I think it will be exciting and interesting to see how each persons turns out... I hope you will show them...maybe even start a new blog for students? Late bloomers

    Hugs Giggles

  2. love the colors...WELL done = )

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE these colors. They look magnificent on my screen. Your addition of the dots, circles, etc. is such a nice touch. The black & white really pop. Are you using paint pens or gel pens?


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