Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Purple, Orange and Green...

I'm loving this art journal technique
and have finished another spread in my big journal...

I picked random paint colors of purple, green and orange then pulled out a stack of things I'd cut from magazines and books and just chose a few things not even thinking much about the colors. I was quite surprised at the things I picked when I got them all laid out on the page. And even though I had no theme in mind I still have one...eyeglasses!

On the left page above there was some kind of weird tree/plant drawing in the book on the upper left corner. I utilized it, added paint and doodles and it became a headdress for the woman wearing eyeglasses. Some of the orange flowers in the bottom corner were also on the book page and I just enhanced and added to them. The little alphabet sampler reminded me of an eye chart which fit right in with the green eyeglasses.

This right side of the spread has the orange eyeglasses and a purple silhouette of the woman. She had a couple of orange dots in weird places so I added more and tried to make them look intentional. Some of the leaf and flower shapes were in the book but again I enhanced and added to them. The larger flower/rose image on the right side is actually a scarf all rolled up.

Then I added some washi tape and lots of doodles on both pages and it was finished. It all came together very easily so maybe I'm back in my groove again. I sure hope so.

I did a small face sketch but I think I'll save the faces and post them once a week. That may work better for me.


  1. So different, so pretty...hugs, Mary

  2. I like!!! that dashing little root hat.

  3. I like!!! that dashing little root hat.

  4. I like!!! that dashing little root hat.

  5. ILove this page all the colours look great together

  6. Isn't it mysterious and wonderful how art emerges and comes together through you. Never ceases to amaze.

  7. Love these journal pages Janet! Very cool journaling style...I like it a lot!
    I forgot about the 29 faces project for this month.
    I'm enjoying Tracy's class a lot so far....can't wait to try her painting method.

  8. Very bold, Janet. I'm not sure I would have thought of putting those colors together but they work very well in this design.

  9. Great fun colorful world you have created. xox

  10. Really cool Janet. amazing what the finished art looks like for just putting together these collage pieces. You just have a natural talent.


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