Friday, September 04, 2015

Some Faces, A Kitty, and a Fish...

Wednesdays and Thursdays are busy days for me so it's difficult to get anything posted. So today I'm catching up a little bit.

I have done three faces for 29 Faces and I'm still working on the fourth one for today. Both of these faces are small, quick sketches...

Just ignore the scribbles on the right side...
I drew this on a scrap of paper.

This one is also done on a scrap of paper.

And I did manage to make another journal spread. This one might not be finished yet...I'm not sure. There seems to be a lot of "open" space on both pages. I could do some journaling and maybe that's what I'll do...later.

 I like the cat in the lower right hand corner and then the fish in the upper left side. Plus I've always liked that image from W magazine showing the woman holding the eye.

This is the left page with the fish and the woman. I did the little red/pink dots in the lower corner very early on in my doodling. I wish now that I had waited and done them in black to be a reverse of the other dots on this page.

This is the right page with the cat. I found a book with pictures of lots of games so that's where the dominoes came from, and also the hopscotch on the previous page. I love doing the doodling most of all on these journal spreads.


I'm linking to 29 Faces,  Kim Dellow's Show Your Face, and Kate Robertson's Express Your Creativity and Julie Balzer's Art Journal Every Day I hope you visit these sites to see lots more faces and creativity.


  1. Janet,

    Glad to see you are linking with me. Thanks. Your faces look great. They have great expressions especially the first one. Loved seeing your next journal page. You know you could do black over those pink dots. I am finding myself going back to older pages and doing more. Its such a fun process.


  2. Love your journal page style - gorgeous colour - and good on you for taking up the 29 faces challenge. I love what you are doing here

  3. Fun, colorful pages Janet. I like the black and white circle on the fish page because it reminds me of bubbles. Goes with the fish idea. And the kitty sitting in the garden of flowers must be just waiting for a little bird to visit so she can pounce. LOL Bad kitty! xo

  4. The journal page looks great as it is now. Thank you for spreading the word about 29 faces, maybe i will join, too.

  5. Love your faces and journal page! Thanks for the link to 29 Faces. I had forgotten about it. I may be late but I will catch up.

  6. Wonderful faces and I am amazed at the new collages...gorgeous!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. You have a way with collage and beautiful faces

  8. The complexity and dimension you create in your pages is amazing!!! The colors all work so completely together. Great pages!


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