Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bright, Happy Flowers...and a Re-do

Remember that somewhat finished art journal spread I showed in the previous post?? Well, I couldn't stand it any longer so I went crazy with it!

click on photo to view larger

It looks better than before but it's VERY busy!!

I did a series of paintings to give as gifts. Three of them went to the women who were in charge of my art show at the Playhouse and one was a birthday gift for a friend. They all have the same theme...just done a little bit differently each time.

 The ones above went to the women at the Playhouse 
and the gift bags below were for them, too

The painting below was for my friend's birthday. 
I love doing these bright, happy flower pictures and everyone seems to like them.

On other news, I'm still having problems with my eye. Next week I see an ophthalmologist so I hope he can give me some answers and some help.


  1. How sweet of you Janet to make gifts for the ladies that put together your show. And the paintings are lovely.

  2. Wonderful for you to make gifts like that. Wonderful art too, so bright and cheerful. Your journal page looks great.


  3. Oh I am so behind....catching up. Lovely work, great gifties. You are enjoying yourself. xox

  4. Janet, I went to a Peter Max exhibit in Cleveland this past weekend. I told Rick "his work reminds me of my blog friend Janet!" I love your wonderful flowers!

  5. I was sure I commented here already..hmm. anyway just stopped by to say I'm thinking about you! Hope all is well! Sending love and light your way! Wonderful gifts I'm sure were loved!

    Hugs Giggles


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