Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Keeping Busy...

Things have not been going so good for me recently. I'm having trouble with my left eye and will have to have cataract surgery soon...and now I have an infection in both my ears. So I haven't been doing much art but I did work on a few journal spreads.

This first journal spread is probably 99.9% finished...

 I might add a few small things but for now I'm leaving it alone for a while.

click on pics to view larger

The spread above is not finished...I still have lots more to do on it.
I'm happy with how it's going.

I like the bright colors on the spread above...
and it needs more work, too.

This spread is so subdued from most of my other pages...but I like it. 
Still lots more to do here before I call it done!

As I'm writing this post HB is busy cutting down some wood panels for me to paint on. I'm having him cut some 12" x 12" pieces and also some 12" x 24" pieces. I still have more to cut but for now these will keep me busy.


  1. Good that youre keeping busy - love your spreads! and... hope youre feeling better soon too!

  2. I especially like that first journal page spread, Janet. It seems like it is way too beautiful to be just in a personal journal. It needs to be someone's drapery material...or something. It's beautiful! What kind of wood is HB cutting panels from? My friend uses cut panels but she glues down canvas on them. (But she uses oils).

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your eye, Janet, but it certainly hasn't affected your color sense! These are simply lovely! Can't wait to see your panels!

  4. Your spreads are so elaborate. And your greens are wonderful in those first pages. Ouch and ouch. You eye should get fixed up with the surgery, but double ear infections are no fun. UGH. xox

  5. I'm sorry to hear of your eye and ears, hope it can be fixed soon. Your art is lovely as always, and that upper spread is fab.
    It seems I have been fallen out of the habit of bloging, I've spent the summer playing with the bonus kids, and now I'm sewing like crazy. I had forgotten how fun it is to make my own clothes. I hope to be back bloging though.


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