Friday, December 16, 2016

Art from My Group of Artists

It's been quite some time since I've shared some of the art that the women in my art journal class have been doing. We have sort of morphed into more of a mixed media class than just strictly art journals. I have such an AMAZING group of talented artists in my class. There are times when they teach me as much or more than I teach them. Take a look at some of their art...

This is all done with the pouring technique...even the feathers in the vase. This woman is very good at this technique and has given a demo for the class. In person this piece is not quite so dark and the golds glimmer and sparkle. It's gorgeous!

This sweet little bird on the teapot is by a very talented artist in our group. She has done so many beautiful pieces.

I love this piece! The girl's face is from a magazine but the rest was all done by the artist. She chose this picture because the little girl looks very much like one of her granddaughters.

This is a piece in progress. The blue pond is all bits of paper. The yellow is fabric, and so are the flowers in the lower corner. This artist plans to add some trees into the upper left side and maybe some ducks swimming in the pond. I like the mixture of paper and fabric.

This piece is all collage. This woman does some incredible collages using a mixture of magazine pictures, images she manipulates on the printer, and any other kind of paper or fabric she has. She is very creative.

This piece is very dimensional and so much more beautiful in person than it shows here. This is the woman's granddaughter, a gorgeous young woman who is a school teacher. The artist used paper napkins as the background and added lots of silk flowers and other small items to the surrounding area. It will be a Christmas present for the young woman.

As you can see, each artist has their own style and we all learn from one another. I simply love my group.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas Around Here...

Good grief! I can't believe it's been so long since my last post. Things around here have gotten very merry with all the decorating HB and I have done. For the past few years we haven't done much but this year we decided to do it up!

Our tree always sits in the front window and you can see it's a tall, narrow tree. It doesn't look too pretty without the lights on so here so lets turn them on...

I always do this tree in gold ornaments. I didn't use them all this year...I got lazy! But I think it still looks pretty.

HB is in charge of the arch between the living room and dining room and the arched window in the dining room.

You can see both from this angle...I'm on the stairway. 

The dining room looks quite festive even though I simply "hate" my chandelier. I prettied it up with some red ribbons and ornaments...

Sorry about the glare from the window.

Since my china cabinet is on such a tall wall I decided to use some really big candle holders up there.
After I took this photo I added a glass bowl with red ornaments to the right side of the shelf to balance out the other red dish.

And this is our small tree and the fireplace area in our family room. This is where we spend most of our time in the evenings. It hasn't been cold enough to have a fire yet. We're still in the 60's most days and a couple of days ago it got into the low 70's. I know everyone who is buried in snow right now doesn't want to hear that!

I've been making some ornaments and other Christmasy things so I'll post them soon.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Some Close-ups...

After my last post I had some requests to show some close-ups of Camping by the Stream so here are a few...

Sorry about the glare in the bottom right of each one. I'm not the best photographer! But I think you can see some of the detail.

And here's a close-up of the entire piece...

These are a couple of the smaller pieces I framed up for the festival...




It wasn't easy getting these shots because of the glass. You may be able to see me in a couple of them!

Thanks to everyone who commented last time. I realize I've been very sporadic about posting. So much art, so little time!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

My First Art Festival!!...and Some Other Happenings

It's been a long time since I've posted and lots has been happening. The summer has been art filled and I've been busy.

The older I get, (and I just had a birthday in September...#73!) the more difficult it is for me to find time for everything. I know I've said this before but it's true. My blog suffers from neglect as I stay busy in the studio.

Last month was the second annual Generations art show. Art was shown at Legacy Commons and across the street at the Palmdale Playhouse. There were three categories: ages up to 17, ages 17 - 54, and ages 55 and older. It's always great to see the younger people's art.

I entered three pieces and they were all three accepted...and I won 2nd place in the 55 and older group! This was my winning entry...

This is Ancestral Home. It's 11" x 14" unframed. It has a LOT of texture and I must have explained how I did it about a million times that night. Everyone was interested in this piece.
Then this month, October 8th, we had the first Kaleidoscope Art and Music Festival. The city is hoping to have this become an annual event and from the turnout this year I think it will be. I had a booth, and got my first experience at an art festival. It was scary at first when I agreed to do it but as time went on and the date got closer I felt terrified, anxious, overwhelmed, and then over the last few days before it happened, I got calm and decided that everyone had to do their first festival. I just decided to have a great time no matter what happened.

These are some shots of my wasn't easy to get photos due to the sun.

In the photo above,
I sold the tree painting in the upper left...

I sold the green painting in the upper was the last one I finished before the festival. The blue painting at the bottom was one of the pieces I entered in Generations. And the B&W piece was one I entered in the fair this year and won 1st place with.

I sold the painting in the upper left...(the upper left area was good for me!) That piece was one I entered in Generations and you can see the piece that won 2nd place right next to it.

Here is a closer photo of the tree painting I sold...

I sold the painting in the lower left...
it's the one that won 1st place at the fair
a couple of years ago.

I also sold a couple of other smaller pieces that don't show up very much in these photos. All in all it was a FANTASTIC day!! 

A huge thank you to everyone who bought my art...wherever you are, and also special thanks to everyone responsible for Kaleidoscope 2016. I hope it continues for many years and I hope to be a part of it. 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Some Art by People in My Class...

I thought I would catch you up on what some of the women in my art journal/mixed media class have been doing. I am so proud of them all. They are doing excellent art. Here's some examples...

A journal spread in the making.

Half of the face from a magazine the rest is all painted/collaged with painted papers.

She works wonders with magazine images.

She is working on cardboard fans.

Sorry about the glare on her nose and mouth. She is using bits from 
a coloring book to enhance this face.

This is a painting in progress
and below is her inspiration.

She is experimenting with pouring medium.
This is amazing in the sunlight.
There's gold paint throughout and it just glows.

This is done with gel printed papers.
It's beautiful.

She is enhancing a magazine page.

Another amazing transformation 
done by the same woman who did the red one at the top.

And this one is last but not least.
Beautiful colors and little stamped flowers.

These women are amazing!!! Every week I get to see them create and they always inspire me. I will miss them this month as I am not going to be teaching my class until after July 4th. They will still meet and play together and inspire each other but I won't be there. HB has had some surgery and I'm staying home to play Nurse Janet! He's doing fine in spite of my less than stellar nursing skills, and I will be back to my class before you know it.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Am I Fooling Myself??

Making art. Why do we do it? Is it for pleasure, for recognition, for money? And should we try to follow the pack or strike out on our own?

I've been thinking about all this for quite some time now. I usually create art simply because it's fun and I enjoy it. But lately I've noticed that when I create for my own enjoyment I create the same kind of art over and over. Is this just my style or am I in a rut and getting lazy?

When I first began doing mixed media/art journaling, I wanted to learn everything. It was all exciting and new. But after a while I realized there were some things I didn't enjoy doing and other things I loved to do.  

You may have guessed that collage is at the top of my "enjoy" list. There's nothing I like better than to sit down with a big stack of magazines and start finding collage material. I have tons of it! And I love to create journal pages using it. But am I really creating art or just playing with junk? Am I stretching myself enough?

Here are a few things I've been doing...

Working in black and white for a change.
It isn't finished but I like where it's going.

The quote above and the heart seemed to go together.

I found this quote on Pinterest and loved it.
Somehow the person just seemed to go with it.

As you can see, I'm mostly doing simple collages. Nothing earth-shattering, nothing unusual. Just doing what I enjoy. Is that bad??

Thursday, May 12, 2016

More from My Journals...

I'm still working in my art journals. I have a couple of larger pieces of art that I need to finish but my journals keep calling to me.

This is my latest spread...

Just a few bits from magazines and a bit of paint pens and doodles.
This one is much "quieter" than my usual collages.

And this is just a Sharpie doodle done while watching/not watching TV. I enjoy doing these with bright happy colors punctuated with black and white.

Friday, May 06, 2016

I Love My Art Journal!!

My art journals have been keeping me busy again. I've been working on old pages that I never got around to finishing.

This spread is originally dated 02/18/2014 and it's been sitting there in my journal since then...I had added some dots and circles at some point but this is basically how it started...and got left!

Last night I was inspired to work on it and this is where I went...a little crazy!!

I'm happy with how it finally turned out. It's a bit busy but then that's "me." And it just goes to show, never give up on a piece of art. If it isn't working, set it aside and forget about it. When the time is right you'll know what to do.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

ART - Mix it Up Art Show

Last week my art journal class had their reception for the art show of their work. Here are some of the pieces they did...

This one is all collage done on a large piece of cardboard.
She used drinking straws as the border!

This one is all painted papers except for the background.
The colors just pop in person.

This is zentangles over a magazine face with crazy eyes!

This one is painted papers.

This is all collage. The woman who did it is a fine artist
and is finding it challenging to let go and just play.
I think she did a great job here.

This Victorian Lady is all collage...some napkins, some wrapping papers
and lots of other embellishments.

The artist almost didn't enter this one because she doesn't think it's good!
I love it!!

This piece is all painted papers and is stunning in person. The photo
doesn't do it justice. It simply glows!

This one is done with Sharpies and alcohol.

Lots of embellishments on this one.
Of course, I love the purple!

Again, this is all collage using painted papers 
and magazine images.

She used molding paste to make the flowers.

This was done by another fine artist in my class.
I wish you could see the colors in person. It's gorgeous!

LOVE this one!!

And finally this is one of the collage pieces I have in the show.
All little snippets of magazine images and lots of doodles.

Here I am (squinty eyes and all!) with our Mayor Ledford.
He's such a nice man and comes to all our events.
He is a great support for our senior center.

And this is Karen (L) and Jennifer (R) at the front desk.

HB and I got there early so HB could take photos of all the artwork before people got there and blocked the view. It was a very nice reception but everyone came during the first hour and then it was quiet during the second one. But that's okay because I got to show off all the beautiful art that everyone made in class.

This is part of the article than was on the front page of our local newspaper. It was a very nice write-up and I was even compared to Picasso! That's okay with me!!