Thursday, January 14, 2016

Art From the Women in My Journal Class

The art journal class I have on Mondays has been branching out a little. This past Monday we were working on a mixed media piece that used acrylics, watercolors, and paint pens. Here are some examples of  the art they did...some are unfinished...

This is a sampling of the pieces that were being done. Some didn't want photos taken of unfinished work and I understand that. I love that it's such a diverse group of artists. Some of them go off on their own way, which I love, while others try to stay within the perimeters that I set. Either way, they always produce such interesting pieces of art.


  1. You must be a wonderful teacher, and the group must be inspired by you. Many teachers want students to make exactly the same thing, while some don't feel they have enough confidence to strike out on their own, but I certainly enjoy the diversity of these pieces you shared.

  2. As B&E mentioned above, you must be a wonderful teacher -- that's awfully good work for early on in a class and how fun they felt good about sharing it!

  3. Your students are certainly expanding their horizons as is evidenced by these artistic and varied pieces. Kudos to your teaching skills. Also, LOVE that purple teapot. Now, does it pour purple tea? xoxo


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