Saturday, January 23, 2016

National Handwriting Day...and Some Art

I've been thinking about all the things I learned as a child that are no longer being taught to kids today...and writing in cursive is one of them. I heard the schools want to quit teaching it altogether. I love to see beautiful handwriting. Somehow printing just doesn't do it for me. My handwriting has gotten worse as I get older. At one time I could make my writing look like all the sample alphabet letters that were posted around the schoolroom but not anymore.


Here is a journal spread I'm working on...

The light wasn't very good this morning...the background is a wash of terra cotta. And the images are from favorite way to make pages.
I hope you aren't in the middle of the big snow storm back east. If you are, stay safe and stay warm! 


  1. Breaks my heart that they aren't teaching cursive anymore. It's so pretty. I'm just hoping the next generation of artists pick it up like some ancient art!

  2. My hand writing has become horrible over the years and I blame technology for it. I type almost everything any more and my typing is not the best. I did hand write my Christmas cards this year and my granddaughter wasn't able to read hers :( Love your art today .

  3. It's definitely a dying art form. Cupcake is turning 30 in a couple of weeks and she mostly prints. I used to love writing letters and my cursive changes depending on mood...yours looks very much like my moms did! Beautiful!! Cupcakes mother in laws writing is amazing...Sadly there is an artist in there screaming to get out!! LOVE the journal spread so far!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Your handwriting is still amazing,Janet. I do cursive too, and in schools here ( at least the closest ones that I know)are actually learning their first graders to write three sets of lettering, capitals, typing ( like I'm writing now ) and cursive. I'm not sure it's too smart though. Love your pages and also the art below this post. Those birds look awesome.

  5. Your handwriting is beautiful, Janet. It just flows and flows, like a calm river. Mine is half and half...half writing and half printing, with big letters and little letters and upper case and lower case all in one word. What's up with that? LOL Always envied those who write beautifully.

  6. BLOGGER just ate my comment! AARRGGHH! -
    Anyway, my boys (18 & 14) have me read the letters they receive from their Oma and she has beautiful cursive - she was a schoolteacher. They were only briefly exposed to cursive in school - some curriculums don't teach it at all!

  7. Your handwriting has always looked beautiful to me. Mine used to be somewhat like yours, and I too always got compliments. Now mine has gotten so sloppy, and like the comment from JC..I half print, half write and a combo of the two in the same word. Always in a rush, and sometimes I can't read my own. If I slow down and take my time my cursive still looks pretty good, but not like it used to. Very sad that kids aren't learning "penmanship" in school anymore.

  8. I love handwriting, which is why I journal on a daily basis. Over the years, my writing has turned into a mix like others have commented.


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