Friday, January 22, 2016

One of My Other Passions...

Today I'm sort of straying from my usual art and sharing one of my other passions. I love to crochet and knit. Mostly I like to have something to do even when I'm just sitting. Sometimes it's drawing but other times it's something with a hook or needles.

I'm trying to use up a lot of yarn from my stash so I'm doing these one color granny squares. My stack is growing but I have a long way to go yet.

And since I get bored with the squares I also have a little something on my needles. Again, I'm trying to use up some yarn. I have quite a lot of this Homespun in purples and blues and this is a bit of a "winging it" project so we'll see what happens! I'm just a little past beginner when it comes to knitting. I won't tell you what I'm making yet but I'll share along the way.

I'm linking this to Express Your Creativity with Kate Robertson.


  1. Oh beautiful...I look forward to your purple treasure!! Great squares I am the same but haven't crocheted in several years now!! Never bored eh Janet!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Whatever it will be, pretty is one thing. Those colors are beautiful. Have you ever thought of knitting dog sweaters? I have tried several times to buy one for my dog, but they never fit. they are never long enough. She's a doxie. She hates being cold. If you ever do let me know and I'll order one. :)

  3. Fabulous yarn, Janet! Last night I actually finished a scarf that's been on the needles for two years. Well, really not QUITE finished. Finished the knitting. But it was a tricky pattern and there are more than a few boo boos and dropped stitches, so next up is stitching beads hither and yon -- but at least enough yon to secure the drops! I LOVE that purple!Good for you!

  4. Fun. I have some of that same yard too. Love the color mix. xox

  5. I used to both knit and crochet, but with my arthritis (born with it, but it gets worse each year), my hands fall asleep when I try to make anything. I have an entire container of granny squares, but putting them together was a task I didn't look forward to. So, I gave them to a friend who I hope puts them together. I certainly look forward to seeing what's on those needles, because I have NO idea what it could be. Beautiful yarn, though.


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