Sunday, February 28, 2016

Jake and Jake Out on the Town...

If you've been reading my blog for a few years you know what today is...and if you're new then I'll explain. Today is my Super Bowl Sunday. It's the Oscars...the Academy Awards...the all day affair of beautiful people and beautiful clothes. Here in the Los Angeles area (I'm in L.A. County) the TV coverage begins at 2 PM!!

I started doing this way back in 2007 and every year I think I won't do it again but every year, along the middle of February I start getting emails from friends asking me if I'm going to do it again. So here I am...doing it again.

I go to the Oscars (this is all pretend) and I wear a gorgeous dress (again, this is all pretend) and I have a handsome date (all pretend.)

This year I picked between these dresses...

Black is always a good choice...

But I also like this delicate, pale pink with florals... 

And this one with the floral panels is beautiful...

Then there's always my favorite color...Purple!!
I could show a little leg like Angelina Jolie did a few years ago.

Or I could be daring in red...

Or slinky in silver...

Or tantalizing in turquoise.

It wasn't easy to choose between all of these dresses but I narrowed it down to the...drum roll, please...the silver one. And I had a little help from HB. It was his choice, too.

I'll be wearing these shoes...

and carrying this purse...

I know it's a lot of silver but I think it will be okay. This year I chose to have long hair. I usually go with something short and sassy but this year this is it...

I even like the earrings she's (I'm) wearing.

So that's what I'll be wearing tonight. Now comes the best part...who will be my date! Johnny (Depp) is always a favorite but I must say he's starting to look a bit chunky recently. George (Clooney) got married so he's off the market. I always have such a tough time choosing from all the guys who are clamoring for me to be their date for this big event. They all want to be seen with me on the red carpet!!

I'm choosing Jake Gyllenhaal as my date this year. He's ruggedly handsome...

and has a great smile.

And brooding good looks.
I like the beard...HB has a beard, too.

And he looks good in a tux. 

So there you have shortened version of my big night on the town. I'm sure we'll hit all the after parties and eat and drink too much, and maybe even dance a few times if my feet can take it in those heels.

Whatever we do I'm sure it will be fun and I won't get home until the wee hours of the morning. I'll wave to you all from the red carpet. Be sure and look for me and Jake. 

And here's a little high school my nickname was Jake. My initials are JKB which became Jakaby (just run all the initials together) and then shortened to Jake.


I haven't forgotten 29 Faces! I've been doing pretty good at keeping up, just not too good at posting them but I'll be doing that soon. Stay tuned!!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Almost Like Alisa's...

Several days ago Alisa Burke had a post about an art bag she uses. The bag she featured cost about $26. I have something very similar and mine was only $10.99...and if you have a coupon it's even less! You can find one like I have at Harbor Freight...

(The photo above is from their website.) 
The bag is all canvas and very sturdy.

Currently I'm using my bag as a knitting bag but it could easily hold art supplies or any number of other things. I used plain ol' craft paints to do my bag. Then I added dots and squiggly lines, and the word "create" on both sides.

My bag has six tall, narrow pockets plus three wider pockets on each long side...

and two narrow and one wide pocket on each end.

The center section is zipper... 

It holds quite a lot.
At the moment I have a binder with patterns 
plus five or six skeins of yarn in mine.
All my needles fit in the smaller pockets. 
I find it works great for my needs.

It doesn't have a fancy leather handle like Alisa's but I'm happy with mine just as it is. And any time I decide to use it for art supplies I can easily transfer my knitting stuff to another bag. Maybe I'll hint to HB that I need a second one!

I'm linking to Kate Robertson's Express Your Creativity.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Some Crochet and Faces on Tuesday...

It's Tuesday and that means it's time for T for Tuesday. I haven't mentioned it lately but I'm still crocheting simple squares for a blanket. Here is where I was working on that yesterday...

I have so much of this plain yarn 
and the only thing I could think to make was a simple blanket.

I should have it close to finished about the time triple digit temperatures arrive here!
You can see the stacks of squares in the background.
I'm using any and all colors...whatever I have.
So this will be a blanket for function and not beauty!

As I crocheted I enjoyed a cup of "coffee" with my favorite creamer. The blue cup doesn't photograph very's clear glass with tiny fish etched in it.
And because I'm doing 29 Faces this month, here are the latest two I've finished. Today's face is still a WIP!

 I did a whimsical face for Valentine's Day. I should have put some hearts somewhere on the page!

I started to color this girl with colored pencils and didn't like it so I cropped it and turned it into a B&W instead.

That's all I have for today. I'll be bac k with more faces in a day or two. See you then....

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Face #13...It's an Unlucky Number!...

Today I have a very ugly face to share! I guess because it was the 13th face it decided to give me problems. I got her eyes too close together and she looks weird...but it's the face I did so I'm showing it...

I haven't finished the face for today...HB is taking me out for lunch so I'll finish it later tonight.
Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Express Your Creativity, PPF, and 29 Faces all in One!!...

It's Friday and that means I'm linking up with
 Kate Robertson's Express Your Creativity 
and also with Paint Party Friday

I've been working in my art journals but only have a couple of unfinished spreads to share this week. This first one you've seen bits of earlier in the week and I haven't progressed too much with it...

 I still have lots to do on these pages...more doodling and the pod/flower near the center isn't finished yet either. But it's a start! I love working in this large ( 13.5" x 10") altered book. 

In another altered book journal, this one just a little smaller, I started this collaged background...

I put down the papers and then gave it a little dry-brushed gesso to tone it down somewhat. Not sure where I'm going with this yet.

And I've also been doing 29 Faces this month so here are the faces for yesterday and today...

 Day 11

Day 12

I'll probably do some more detail work on that last one. She's very plain but I wanted to at least get the face done and something on her head so I could include her today. I'm happy to say I've been keeping up with this challenge this time around.

Be sure to stop by and visit the two websites mentioned here. You'll see some amazing art!!
PS - Here are all the faces I've done so far. I cropped them to make the collage. Sorry about the uneven borders!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My Own Facebook!!...

Yesterday I had a very enjoyable day with my daughter. She's going through a rough patch right now due to her job and I feel so helpless. But she seems to be handling it. I don't talk about my kids very often on my blog but they are both wonderful people. I admire who they have become.

This is my 10th face for 29 Faces! I can't believe I'm still going. It just seems to feel right this time. Nothing fancy, nothing different...just a face like I draw. Today is my busy shopping and I had to get her finished quickly. I'm still drawing in my file folder journal...and as Laila suggested, it's my own personal Facebook!

PS - I haven't linked to the 29 Faces website because I can't figure out how to do it!! I've used Linky on other blogs and it's simple but the one for 29 Faces is confusing!

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Doctors, Classes, and Faces...Oh, My!

Even though I didn't post anything yesterday, I still managed to do a face for 29 Faces. My day was hectic and disappointing. I had an eye exam with a new doctor because my previous doctor is pregnant and apparently has some complications so she's on bed rest and won't be able to do my cataract surgery. The new doctor is just that!! NEW!! He looked like he was about 12 years old but I guess he's actually 23. Not sure how much experience he could possibly have but I'm trying to stay positive. My surgery is postponed for a month and that doesn't make me happy but what can I do.
I had my art journal class in the afternoon...made it just in time. We've been making journals. Here are a couple from the class...

 I think they did an amazingly good job. These are simple and 
use the ribbon/tape method of attaching the covers.
Next we're tackling the coptic stitch.
And here are my latest faces...

Day 8

Day 9

Today my daughter is coming up to visit. She hasn't been here since Christmas so I'm looking forward to spending some time with her. But I'll be sure to do another face tonight and be ready for tomorrow.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Day 7 of 29 Faces Plus a Little More...

This is THE big day here in the US...Super Bowl 50! That means HB will be occupied most of the day and I can play in my studio.

I did the same yesterday, too. I had a fun day of making gelli prints. Whenever I get low on painted papers I drag out my gelli plate and get busy. Once I start it's hard to quit as you can tell...

Here's a bunch of them drying on my little "clothesline"

And my worktable was covered with more! 

I didn't get too messy this time...just a little bit of paint on me!
And here's my face for day 7 of 29 Faces...

Now I'm off to play some more. I think I'll make another spiral-bound journal and maybe do some painting in my journal. I hope your team wins (if you're a football fan.)

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Day 6 and I'm Still Going...

Hello, everyone and thank you for all your recent comments. Like everyone else I love comments, and hearing what you like or don't like about my keep 'em coming!

Today is Day 6 of 29 Faces and here's my face...

Again...this is an unfinished sketch. I'm not doing the eyes as I usually do. It's just the beginnings of an idea.

Here's a sneak peek into my latest art journal pages...

Lots of bright colors, as usual. I'll share more of it when it's finished.
Still needs some work...gotta add dots and circles!!

And finally another little notebook I made. This one is just plain printer paper. I have a neighbor save me their packaged food boxes (as I seldom have any) and I thought this made a cute little book to tuck into a purse for quick notes.

That's all for today. I hope you have a fun-filled, creative day with lots of sunshine (like it is here.) I plan to finish the journal pages above and work on face #7. See you tomorrow...

Friday, February 05, 2016

Keeping the Mojo Going...

Since my art show last year I have found it very difficult to start painting again. I make small pieces now and then but nothing big. Here is another 8" x 8" piece that I did recently...

I used some scrapbook paper for the background and a map for the bird. 

and here is my face for day 5 of 29 Faces...

She isn't a finished drawing but at least I'm keeping up with the challenge.

I've been making some spiral-bound journals. These two have watercolor paper and I used some of my painted papers/gelli prints on the covers. They open in a landscape format which I like. I always have fun when I make these journals with my Cinch binding machine but then I forget about it for months at a time and have to teach myself how to use it all over again! Actually it's very easy to use.

Today I'm linking with Kate Robertson's Express Your Creativity,
 and with Paint Party Friday

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Still Making Faces...

Yesterday was my "busy-all-day" shopping/errands day but I still managed to get a face done last night. And I got up early today so I could do another one. Let's see how long this lasts!

Without further ado here are the faces I've done thus far. I'm including the first two even though I already shared them but they were in pencil at the time. I have since gone over them with ink.

Day 1

Day 2
(I forgot to erase my pencil lines!)

Day 3

Day 4

These are all done in the journal I made from old file folders. The journal is approx. 6" x 9"...a good size for sketching faces. None of these are finished drawings...just sketches that may later be developed into a painting or a completed sketch.

Now I'm off to make more journals. Today I'm using my Cinch spiral binder. More tomorrow!!