Friday, February 19, 2016

Almost Like Alisa's...

Several days ago Alisa Burke had a post about an art bag she uses. The bag she featured cost about $26. I have something very similar and mine was only $10.99...and if you have a coupon it's even less! You can find one like I have at Harbor Freight...

(The photo above is from their website.) 
The bag is all canvas and very sturdy.

Currently I'm using my bag as a knitting bag but it could easily hold art supplies or any number of other things. I used plain ol' craft paints to do my bag. Then I added dots and squiggly lines, and the word "create" on both sides.

My bag has six tall, narrow pockets plus three wider pockets on each long side...

and two narrow and one wide pocket on each end.

The center section is zipper... 

It holds quite a lot.
At the moment I have a binder with patterns 
plus five or six skeins of yarn in mine.
All my needles fit in the smaller pockets. 
I find it works great for my needs.

It doesn't have a fancy leather handle like Alisa's but I'm happy with mine just as it is. And any time I decide to use it for art supplies I can easily transfer my knitting stuff to another bag. Maybe I'll hint to HB that I need a second one!

I'm linking to Kate Robertson's Express Your Creativity.


  1. OK, Janet. I know this would be an output with no guarantee but you should pick up about six of those bags (maybe you could get a discount) and paint them like that and sell them for at least $25 (or more) at -- well, wherever you sell your stuff. It's fabulous -- you could have one stuffed as an "idea" grabber and the rest bagged. They could all be the same - Create is SUCH a good word! - or different. I'm betting they would sell and if they didn't, your Christmas shopping is half done!

  2. This is awesome Janet. My traveling art bag is an old wooden tool box. It looks cool but is so heavy I don't like to cart it too far. This looks to have lots of organizational space and is light weight.

  3. That's great. Love it, I think we you need to do another for your art supplies too. xox

  4. Fun bag! Love the bold colors.

  5. I'm really, really late visiting, but I simply adore that bag from Harbor Freight. I saw something in black that was similar at Home Depot a couple of years ago, but they wanted around $25.00 for it, so I passed on the idea. I love how you have "arted" it to your own needs, too. It's a gem and a beauty.

  6. Awesome, Janet. I will have to look for one of these if I ever start to paint seriously again. My roll-up brush carrier is nice, but no room for paints. Are you going to the Oscars this year? I have not seen your dress or your date yet. That is always a fun post you do. xo

  7. I agree with Jeanie...I'd go at least thirty or fourty dollars and sell them at an art fair. Even more because they are a functional art pieces...girls pay 200 for purses that aren't even leather...go figure. I have two bags similar shape that I bought at Micheals...a long way back...the pouches are wider though and they're black...holds a lot of art supplies...I love them! Love this bag so fun and vibrant!

    Hugs Giggles


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