Sunday, February 07, 2016

Day 7 of 29 Faces Plus a Little More...

This is THE big day here in the US...Super Bowl 50! That means HB will be occupied most of the day and I can play in my studio.

I did the same yesterday, too. I had a fun day of making gelli prints. Whenever I get low on painted papers I drag out my gelli plate and get busy. Once I start it's hard to quit as you can tell...

Here's a bunch of them drying on my little "clothesline"

And my worktable was covered with more! 

I didn't get too messy this time...just a little bit of paint on me!
And here's my face for day 7 of 29 Faces...

Now I'm off to play some more. I think I'll make another spiral-bound journal and maybe do some painting in my journal. I hope your team wins (if you're a football fan.)


  1. Love your face. Isn't it great when we can create without guilt! lol
    Thanks so much for stopping by.

  2. I have missed SO much this last week, and am trying to catch up. I simply adore all the faces you have created so far. They are really well done and very cleverly put together. Not sure that's the word I am looking for, but I just got home and am in need of sleep.

    Your tiny book is perfect for writing ideas or sketching on the go. And I LOVE the fact it is recycled, which is music to my ears.

    Wanted to say I was thrilled you like your gelli. You seem to get better use of yours than I do of mine. You got some awesome backgrounds, that's for sure. I really like your clothes line, too!

  3. Those prints look fun and your hands so clean compared with mine when I'm painting :D

    Her hat is awesome!

  4. I need to get my gelli going again -- I love that it's such fun and every single one is different!

  5. Gelliprinting, oh yes .... Need to do that again real soon. Your pages look like a lot of fun. And your girls would look great in a colouring book!

  6. It's always such a joy to come visit here, and your faces/girls are all so different. Love them all. I still haven't tried a gelli plate, but it looks to be great fun. perhaps I should try to make my own.


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