Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Doctors, Classes, and Faces...Oh, My!

Even though I didn't post anything yesterday, I still managed to do a face for 29 Faces. My day was hectic and disappointing. I had an eye exam with a new doctor because my previous doctor is pregnant and apparently has some complications so she's on bed rest and won't be able to do my cataract surgery. The new doctor is just that!! NEW!! He looked like he was about 12 years old but I guess he's actually 23. Not sure how much experience he could possibly have but I'm trying to stay positive. My surgery is postponed for a month and that doesn't make me happy but what can I do.
I had my art journal class in the afternoon...made it just in time. We've been making journals. Here are a couple from the class...

 I think they did an amazingly good job. These are simple and 
use the ribbon/tape method of attaching the covers.
Next we're tackling the coptic stitch.
And here are my latest faces...

Day 8

Day 9

Today my daughter is coming up to visit. She hasn't been here since Christmas so I'm looking forward to spending some time with her. But I'll be sure to do another face tonight and be ready for tomorrow.


  1. I just did the eye thing too -- new script for glasses, which is good. They thought my cataracts might be an issue when I scheduled so I saw "the new guy" who does the surgeries. He was young, though not 23! I really liked him and was awfully glad my doc felt that if he can't do the surgeries himself anymore, to bring in a new partner! (And he was pretty cute, too -- for a young 'un!)

  2. I'm amazed at all the hairdo's that you keep coming up with! So much fun! That's a pain about your eye surgery. Hope he has more experience than a 12-year-old ....

  3. Great journal making class, love what the students have done. Eye surgery, yuck. good luck. Great faces and hair and headdress. xox


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