Sunday, February 28, 2016

Jake and Jake Out on the Town...

If you've been reading my blog for a few years you know what today is...and if you're new then I'll explain. Today is my Super Bowl Sunday. It's the Oscars...the Academy Awards...the all day affair of beautiful people and beautiful clothes. Here in the Los Angeles area (I'm in L.A. County) the TV coverage begins at 2 PM!!

I started doing this way back in 2007 and every year I think I won't do it again but every year, along the middle of February I start getting emails from friends asking me if I'm going to do it again. So here I am...doing it again.

I go to the Oscars (this is all pretend) and I wear a gorgeous dress (again, this is all pretend) and I have a handsome date (all pretend.)

This year I picked between these dresses...

Black is always a good choice...

But I also like this delicate, pale pink with florals... 

And this one with the floral panels is beautiful...

Then there's always my favorite color...Purple!!
I could show a little leg like Angelina Jolie did a few years ago.

Or I could be daring in red...

Or slinky in silver...

Or tantalizing in turquoise.

It wasn't easy to choose between all of these dresses but I narrowed it down to the...drum roll, please...the silver one. And I had a little help from HB. It was his choice, too.

I'll be wearing these shoes...

and carrying this purse...

I know it's a lot of silver but I think it will be okay. This year I chose to have long hair. I usually go with something short and sassy but this year this is it...

I even like the earrings she's (I'm) wearing.

So that's what I'll be wearing tonight. Now comes the best part...who will be my date! Johnny (Depp) is always a favorite but I must say he's starting to look a bit chunky recently. George (Clooney) got married so he's off the market. I always have such a tough time choosing from all the guys who are clamoring for me to be their date for this big event. They all want to be seen with me on the red carpet!!

I'm choosing Jake Gyllenhaal as my date this year. He's ruggedly handsome...

and has a great smile.

And brooding good looks.
I like the beard...HB has a beard, too.

And he looks good in a tux. 

So there you have shortened version of my big night on the town. I'm sure we'll hit all the after parties and eat and drink too much, and maybe even dance a few times if my feet can take it in those heels.

Whatever we do I'm sure it will be fun and I won't get home until the wee hours of the morning. I'll wave to you all from the red carpet. Be sure and look for me and Jake. 

And here's a little high school my nickname was Jake. My initials are JKB which became Jakaby (just run all the initials together) and then shortened to Jake.


I haven't forgotten 29 Faces! I've been doing pretty good at keeping up, just not too good at posting them but I'll be doing that soon. Stay tuned!!


  1. I wondered if you'd be picking your favorite ensemble this year! I love them all! You'll look divine, dahling!

  2. Slinky in silver is very Lauren Bacall. (One or two LLs?) Perfect! Have fun!

  3. And now, you're filled with the latest news. So what are you waiting for? Come on ... share some gossip!
    This is such fun each year, hope you had a great time.

  4. I always loved this post....gorgeous dresses you chose..although we differ in men... I'd have picked Gerrard Love the clutch too!! The red, purple and silver are my favorites!! Hope it was a blast!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. LOL Johnny Depp is chunky. Just all the more to love! :)


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