Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My Own Facebook!!...

Yesterday I had a very enjoyable day with my daughter. She's going through a rough patch right now due to her job and I feel so helpless. But she seems to be handling it. I don't talk about my kids very often on my blog but they are both wonderful people. I admire who they have become.

This is my 10th face for 29 Faces! I can't believe I'm still going. It just seems to feel right this time. Nothing fancy, nothing different...just a face like I draw. Today is my busy shopping and I had to get her finished quickly. I'm still drawing in my file folder journal...and as Laila suggested, it's my own personal Facebook!

PS - I haven't linked to the 29 Faces website because I can't figure out how to do it!! I've used Linky on other blogs and it's simple but the one for 29 Faces is confusing!


  1. I meant to stop by yesterday, but real life got in the way of computer time. I was sorry to read about your cataracts. My friend Sally just had eye surgery today and now has a patch over her eye and can't drive.

    I love the title of your post today, and agree you are going to have a wonderful Facebook when you are finished this month.

    Thanks, too, for stopping by. Yes, I missed you for T on Tuesday. Hope you and your daughter had a good time visiting. You know what I say about work: if you find a job you love, you'll never work a day in your life!

  2. I got curious about the linky link, so went to the blog and looked it over. It appears you must go to the 29 faces site, find the link and add this (specific for your blog):

    Not sure how it works, but it's supposed to show all your art at once. Or that's what I got out of her explanation (which I might add was very confusing to me). I hope that helps and you will be able to share your art with others because your faces are to die for.

  3. Yes, once you get into the habit of creating a face every day, it's almost addictive, isn't it! If you want to link up to 29 faces, you just go to one of your posts where you used the label for 29 faces. You go to the end of the post, you click on the label, and then all the posts that you did where you used that same label are coming up. Copy the url and paste that url in the linky-box. That way you don't need to link up every single post, when people click on your name they can see all your posts at once. Hope that makes sense ....


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