Thursday, March 24, 2016

You Asked About Buddha Bowls...

Since my last post about my new eating habits, several of you have asked about Buddha bowls. I love making these simple, one bowl meals.

Photo from Google images

I have a Pinterest board with several links here or you can Google "Buddha bowls" and find more.

For me, they are the simplest way for me to get lots of veggies, grains, and things I need to stay healthy.

The prep is usually very minimal (which I like!) and the results are yummy. If you try any of them I'd love to hear what you think.


  1. I never heard of this before you -- sounds great and thanks for the links!

  2. Oh thanks Janet! They do look yummy. I followed you on Pinterest. I just read an article this morning that talked about new American buying habits. On the list was BOWL sales are up, because more people are forgoing plates and eating in bowls, supposedly more casual style. Ha Ha. Of course on the list were also legal Marijuana and Guns. HaHa

  3. Don't know why I needed two Ha Ha's..guess I'm still laughing about the whole list I read. Plus it's early and I have only had one coffee.

  4. Thanks Janet. We've been using bowls for awhile (awesome sale item at J.C. Penney). Just seems to make thing taste better. But I will be putting "more better" stuff in these bowls now, thanks to you, instead of just spaghetti or black beans and rice. Buddha, move over! The salad is no longer a side dish. :)

  5. How fun Janet, it seems you and I are on the same roll right now. This year I'm all in to healthy stuff, change habits and do more to support my health. The small changes are what last in the long run, but it actually increases as I go. I hope you'll improve all that you are trying to improve. I've never heard of Buddha bowls before, but I love fruits and veggies.

  6. Looks yummy to me...good fats, good grains, good veggies. We eat one pot a lot at home. Brown rice or quinoa, some protein, and veggies. Good luck on your healthy journey! Xox

  7. yum yum
    looks healthy and beautiful

  8. We eat this way very Cupcake buys the same raw veggies as you! So enjoyable!!

    Hugs Giggles


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