Saturday, April 23, 2016

Inspired by Roxanne Coble...

It's been almost a month since I've posted and I'm sure no one is left to read this but I'm going to continue along anyway...just for myself.

Lots of good things have been happening and I'll tell more about those things as I go along but for now I just want to share a couple of journal spreads I recently finished.

First is a spread inspired by Roxanne. I love her art, and took her Creatures class a couple of weeks ago.

This little "creature" appeared on my pages. It has a heart so I think it's a good creature. And it's either hanging balls on the trees or stealing them from the trees! Since it has a heart I choose to think it's hanging the balls rather than stealing them!

Still inspired by Roxanne, I created this spread...

I have more finished art to share but it will have to wait until next time...and I promise it won't be a month!!


  1. I'm still here, so nice to read your post and the photos a treat!

  2. Janet, I really really like your new journal pages. Wonderful!

  3. I'm left, so even if you have an audience of one (and I'll bet it is more)it will be an appreciative one!

  4. Wow fabulous love both...great colours combos and the flowers are amazing...good job. Can't wait to hear the good stuff too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. I am always amazed at your journal pages. With so much "stuff" on each page, one would think it would turn out cluttered, but instead it all fits together nicely to make a sweet piece of art.

  6. Looking great Janet! I've paid for that workshop too, since I love Roxanne's work, but I'm still waiting for some free time to watch it and paint, (I'm in the middle of a housemove and renovation). It's funny how I can see Roxanne's influence, but the pages are still very you!

  7. I just stumbled into your blog...what a lovely little space you have here! I'm also really loving the second journal spread you created. wonderful work! xo


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